Sustaining Success in 2013 Hinging On A Healthy Royals Roster.


When projecting every teams win totals for the 2013 season, you can expect me to have the Royals as a .500 or better club. That in itself is huge push forward for an organization in dire need of a winner.

While the organization's bold moves during these hot stove months have kept me on my toes, I'm tempering my expectations in the Royals becoming a playoff club in 2013. There's no questions that they'll finally have a serviceable starting rotation, but questions remain.

What about their outfield? bench? And let's not forget the slew of unreliable options they'll be playing at second base all summer. Their lack of depth is just daunting. Kansas City's regulars must remain on the field all season long, or all their leaks will be exposed in a jiffy.

While it's been a valiant effort on Moore's part to make the Royals a contender, he's missed out on some better investments/opportunities available to him now by being over eager early in the winter.

Just about every season since he's been at the helm as GM, he's spent foolishly. An exception in 2011 when scooping Melky Cabrera, Jeff Francoeur, Jeff Francis out of the bargain bin for a combined $7 million. They produced a 9.7 WAR between them. Market value for that much production in today's market would be roughly $40 million dollars.

Let's take a quick glance at where the money has been flushed this winter. Jeremy Guthrie being on the hook for only $5 million this year is a bargain, but I'm skeptical of the latter two years on the deal. Ervin Santana on the open market is worthy of a $6-7 million deal perhaps, but $12 million? Hmm.

It was time to cut bait on Hochevar and Getz, but we'll all be graced by their presence again in 2013. Letting those four players walk would have freed up $22.5 million that could have likely been spent better elsewhere.

While sitting back patiently was an even riskier proposition, it makes sense since they're in "All In" mode. I would have been stoked for Edwin Jackson, Jeff Keppinger to be their key acquisitions to compliment the James Shields mega deal.

Gambling on someone like Roy Oswalt or Erik Bedard late in the winter to fill a rotation spot until our Tommy John crew gets healthy would be just fine if the other acquisitions I just mentioned had come to fruition. It's possible there could even be a little money left over to indulge in upgrading what is already a fierce bullpen. Fransisco Rodriguez would be a nice luxury to have?

Maybe the front office still has something up their sleeve. Players like Gerardo Parra or Jemile Weeks could be had and would be welcomed additions at this point, but I won't hold my breath.

Snapping back into reality, they're a much improved club despite my skepticism of their offseason moves. If there was a guarantee they wouldn't endure any significant injures this season, I'd likely be singing a different tune right about now.

Maybe with some luck they can finally put an end to their agonizing postseason drought. Let's all just hope the 25 man roster can avoid getting bitten by the injury bug !

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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