Pure Fantasy. Royals 2013 All-Star Break Moves.

Now that the off season for The Royals DM Style is complete, barring an unexciting signing or out of nowhere trade, lets play fantasy.

So assuming that the Royals are not out of contention come the All-Star break, a myriad of options present GMDM on how to add the pieces necessary to Win the Division or grab one of the two wildcard spots. And I would summarize they involve our high paid long-shots in Ervin Santana (12 Mil), Hoch (4.5 Mil), Frenchy (6.7 Mil), Wizard Chen (4.5 Mil). And the two missing Royals in Paulino and Duffy. So lets get to it.

It is expected one or both of the two missing Royals should be back around the All-star break or a little after, which creates an impasse at pitching. I assume we will see an opening day starting rotation of

1. James Shields

2. Guthrie

3. Santana

4. Davis

5. Chen

LR/SS. Hoch

AAA. Mendoza

Unless an injury occurs, I doubt we will see the Royals MendoACE, this season, so I am going to assume Hoch will either take the place of Davis or Chen before the all-star break due to one or the others struggle as a pitcher. So by the break I would expect a rotation of

1. Shields

2. Guthrie

3. Santana

4. Chen

5. Hoch

BP: Davis

At this time we should be expecting the return of Paulino and Duffy, assuming that no major degradation in performance occurs from the TJ amusement park we sent them to has happened. And assuming that RF and 2b to a lesser extend will need upgrades it falls upon Moore to engineer a trade to fix them.

What does that rely on, Santana and/or Hoch must be performing at a career season, and a good GM recognizing you have to move an arm that has been under performing up to this point in their career to help fix holes in the batting lineup.

Come the All-star break I would hope we would be looking at teams that need to shore up their rotations, and they have good talent at 2B or RF and attempting to engineer a trade for said talent. I haven't taken the time to look up possible prospects, but we are in the good fortune to at least have all of these high paid players on their last contract year, which makes trading them easier.

I would attempt to trade Santana for a 2B, while eating some of his salary and maybe throw in a Minor to get that deal done.

I would then attempt a Trade of Hoch/French for a RF eating some of the contracts and probably a couple of prospects to attain a better RF.

Then have Paulino and Duffy take the places of the traded Players and have Mendoza ready for any severe underperformers.

So that before the trade Dead line the Royals would have a rotation of

1. Shields

2. Guthrie

3. Paulino

4. Duffy

5. Chen/Mendoza

With an additional RF and 2B to make a strong run at contention. Of course this is all reliant on the fact that Hoch and Santana are not Hoch and Santana for four months, and maybe Frenchy be decent. With a lot of time to waste I want to know if anyone has any ideas on what the Royals should do by or at the All-Star break, now that the off season is over.

And no at this time a time-machine isn't an option.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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