Hunter Dozier is a Third Baseman and Other Quick Hits

Ed Zurga

Consider this your post-season thread for tonight.

Bob Dutton is in sunny Arizona, catching up with first round pick Hunter Dozier. Dozier is apparently playing third base now, which seems to be where he'll play going forward. "The Doze" (that's what I'm calling him now) will begin next year at Single-A Lexington.

Dutton also answered some questions here about the Royals.
  • He thinks Yordano Ventura will go into spring training with a rotation spot as his to lose.
  • Kyle Zimmer is likely to get a long look in camp, but begin next year in AA.
  • The Royals would like a full-time second baseman with Emilio Bonifacio as a utility infielder, but don't see second as a high priority and could roll with Boner as the starter.
  • Dutton thinks the Royals might deal a reliever or two and no one is off limits - even Greg Holland.
  • He thinks the Royals won't need to overpay to keep Santana, but he seems doubtful the Royals can even offer market price.

  • Other Links: Will Leitch salutes the fat guys in baseball like Cards slugger Matt Adams. So here's to you Billy Butler!

    South Side Sox compiled a list of Hawk Harrelson superlatives. Billy Butler is the best at pounding the ball hard against the Sox! Alcides Escobar has incredible plate coverage!

    I've pushed hard for Torey Lovullo for manager for a few years now. Fangraphs interviewed Torey on his managerial philosophies:

    At times, it can work to advance a guy into scoring position, but by and large, I’ve learned over the years that the sacrifice bunt can be a rally stopper. Every out is precious. You’re playing with 27, so if you give up two or three a game, you’re playing with 24 or 25. You’re giving up an inning’s worth of outs to sacrifice guys into scoring position, and the law of averages shows that just because you’re at second base doesn’t mean you’re going to score.

    "Breaking Bad" writers almost made Walter White a Phillies fan but decided that would make him too unlikeable.

    The city of Kansas City has a new logo. Looks suspiciously familiar.

    Cards vs. Dodgers tonight in Game One of the NLCS. Zack Greinke vs. Joe Kelly. Consider this your NLCS thread. Who ya got in the series?

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