Down on the Royal Farm (10/29/13)

Ed Zurga

A little nugget I never knew about Hunter Dozier.

Hunter Dozier - Top College Hitter in 2013?

I was looking for a website with all the college stats available (I am still looking) and came across this list of college players. Once adjusting for ballpark and strength of schedule, Hunter Dozier had the highest OPS and wOBA in 2013.

Hunter Dozier Stephen F. Austin 212 18 35 34 0.434 0.514 0.816 1.330 0.551
Kris Bryant San Diego 228 31 68 43 0.333 0.486 0.825 1.311 0.528
Joe Jackson The Citadel 228 14 43 29 0.417 0.509 0.706 1.215 0.514
Mike Papi Virginia 176 7 47 24 0.409 0.534 0.653 1.187 0.509
Ryan Huck Western Kentucky 196 16 39 45 0.367 0.472 0.694 1.166 0.490
DJ Peterson New Mexico 218 15 46 35 0.344 0.458 0.674 1.133 0.475

I am a little confused, but it seems the Royals may have made a sabermetric draft pick.

Arizona Fall League Update

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis talk Jason Adams and Jorge Bonifacio

Here are the stats for the eight players in Arizona right now


Jorge Bonifacio RF 39 0 0 6 0.256 0.286 0.359
Orlando Calixte SS 30 0 1 9 0.200 0.226 0.267
Cheslor Cuthbert 3B 35 1 1 5 0.200 0.216 0.343
Lane Adams OF 32 0 2 13 0.063 0.118 0.063

4 33

  • I don't know about you, but it continues to look like at least one part of there is ready. I think it is about impossible to teach a 8.25 K/BB ratio.


Player ERA IP K/9 BB/9 HR WHIP
Jason Adam 6.00 15.0 7.2 1.8 2 1.33
Angel Baez 9.39 7.7 16.4 5.8 3 2.09
Noel Arguelles 6.75 6.7 2.7 8.1 0 1.95
Malcom Culver 6.14 7.3 3.7 2.5 0 1.23

  • Some interesting numbers. Adam has gotten his walks under control. Baez is seems to only be able to get hitters out with the strike out. Arguelles still sucks really, really, really bad.

Additionally, Jorge Bonifacio was named to the All-Stars roster.

Royals Farm System Ranked 5th by Baseball America

Baseball America has come up with a formula to rank farm systems. The Royals came in 5th (tied with the Cubs) and here is the short write up on the Royals:

Kansas City placed four starting pitchers in league top 10 rankings and also has interesting position players who just missed this top five in 3B Hunter Dozier (1 PIO) and OF Jorge Bonifacio (11 CAR).

I didn't expect the team to be this high. It will be interesting to see how other sources rank the team.

Unrelated video: David Eckstein responds to his new law firm


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