Brantley Or Stubbs Could be Available In Wake Of The Bourn Signing.


Drew Stubbs Could Be Courted By Teams That Value Base Running And Defense.

I can't fathom the notion of Cleveland making a deal with Kansas City as division foes, but Dayton Moore should give Chris Antonetti a call to feel things out. Drew Stubbs or Michael Brantley would be welcomed with open arms as spring training camp opens this week. Could they be had at a reasonable price?

Luke Hochevar and a couple prospects could be discussed. KC's system has a plethora of shortstop prospects. Jack Lopez or Humberto Arteaga for example could be expendable to upgrade a ML outfield in dire need. Which player are the Indians more likely to part with?

Stubbs makes the most sense for them to shop. He would have to shift to left field and he just doesn't profile well there unless he rediscovers some of his power. His pop is on the decline the last couple of seasons, and trends show he's hitting more ground balls over the last couple years as well. His once promising ceiling of 20 + home run potential has vanished into the night.

He's no longer a fit in Cleveland. Potentially a good fit in Kansas City? Perhaps, as I'd say he's worth the gamble. Being able to play plus defense at a premium position, and being solid on the base paths shouldn't be overlooked. He's a near lock for 30 + stolen bases as a regular. You just have to grin and bear an ugly state line that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of .230-300-360 with 15 home runs.

Brantley is more likely to stay put in Cleveland. He'll have more value if he's shifted over to left field full time.. I project him as a 3 to 3.5 WAR player if he plays at the corner all year. While his numbers in the ML haven't been sexy, I consider players of his ilk to be underrated in today's game. He makes consistent contact. (90% of AB's are hit into the field of play)

While it's obvious that I'd prefer Kansas City to land Brantley, Stubbs could still provide a good bang for the buck. He's getting a modest $2.8 million this year, and he could very well be a 2 WAR player despite his glaring flaws.

Adding another outfielder to the fold presents Ned Yost with more options at his disposal. It would be wise to give Jarrod Dyson some starts against right handed pitching when looking at Stubbs splits from 2010-2012

  • Stubbs Vs. RHP : 225-298-347
  • Stubbs Vs. LHP: .275-345-474
  • Dyson Vs. RHP: 262-333-350 (.275-340-349 last year)
  • Dyson Vs. LHP: 184-264-211 (86 AB's)

I'm skeptical that Yost would implement any sort of platoon in this scenario, which admittedly would make me a little less excited about the acquisition. But adding depth is still a must, as you can expect some nagging injuries to occur throughout the season.

Their lack of quality in house options will expose them at some point during the 162 game grind, so the organization should do what's right and address a glaring weakness. Is the club truly "all in"? At this point, why not push every last chip into the middle?

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