MLB 13 The Show - Royals Ratings

Virtual Moose hits a virtual grand slam. - Operation Sports

I'm not a huge video game guy, but I do buy The Show every year. Generally, I create a player and play in the Road To The Show - mainly because the Royals are awful in the game. (Just like real life. Weird.)

The release is about a week away and ratings have started to come out at Operation Sports. Obviously, this is a video game, not gospel, but I thought it would be fun to see how the Virtual Royals stack up against their competition.

Overall Team Rating
1. Detroit Tigers
2. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Los Angeles Angels
5. Toronto Blue Jays
6. Texas Rangers
7. Washington Nationals
8. Atlanta Braves
9. Cincinnati Reds
10. Philadelphia Phillies
11. New York Yankees
12. Los Angeles Dodgers
13. Colorado Rockies
14. Chicago White Sox
15. Arizona Diamondbacks
16. Tampa Bay Rays
17. San Francisco Giants
18. Oakland Athletics
19. Kansas City Royals
20. Milwaukee Brewers
21. Baltimore Orioles
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. Seattle Mariners
24. Cleveland Indians
25. San Diego Padres
26. Minnesota Twins
27. Chicago Cubs
28. New York Mets
29. Miami Marlins
30. Houston Astros

This game must be huge in Boston. Because third best team? Ummmm, no. The Phillies crack the top 10 on the strength of The Youngs. The Wil Myers Rays are only three places ahead of the James Shields Royals.

Team Batting
1. Detroit Tigers
2. Los Angeles Angels
3. Colorado Rockies
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Texas Rangers
6. Toronto Blue Jays
7. Cincinnati Reds
8. St. Louis Cardinals
9. Washington Nationals
10. Los Angeles Dodgers
11. New York Yankees
12. Atlanta Braves
13. Philadelphia Phillies
14. Milwaukee Brewers
15. Baltimore Orioles
16. Arizona Diamondbacks
17. Chicago White Sox
18. Kansas City Royals
19. Oakland Athletics
20. Pittsburgh Pirates
21. Cleveland Indians
22. San Francisco Giants
23. Seattle Mariners
24. Tampa Bay Rays
25. Miami Marlins
26. New York Mets
27. San Diego Padres
28. Minnesota Twins
29. Chicago Cubs
30. Houston Astros

Is that some sort of Coors Field effect pushing the Rockies to third? The Royals feel about right to me. A few breaks and they could push into the top half.

Team Pitching
1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Washington Nationals
3. Atlanta Braves
4. St. Louis Cardinals
5. Tampa Bay Rays
6. New York Yankees
7. Toronto Blue Jays
8. Los Angeles Dodgers
9. San Francisco Giants
10. Boston Red Sox
11. Cincinnati Reds
12. Texas Rangers
13. Detroit Tigers
14. Los Angeles Angels
15. Arizona Diamondbacks
16. Oakland Athletics
17. Chicago White Sox
18. Kansas City Royals
19. San Diego Padres
20. Seattle Mariners
21. Cleveland Indians
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. Colorado Rockies
24. Milwaukee Brewers
25. Baltimore Orioles
26. Chicago Cubs
27. Minnesota Twins
28. New York Mets
29. Houston Astros
30. Miami Marlins

I shudder to think where the Royals would be without Shields and Davis. 20?

Team Defense
1. New York Yankees
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Los Angeles Angels
4. Tampa Bay Rays
5. Cincinnati Reds
6. Philadelphia Phillies
7. Atlanta Braves
8. Chicago Cubs
9. Baltimore Orioles
10. San Francisco Giants
11. Texas Rangers
12. Washington Nationals
13. Colorado Rockies
14. St. Louis Cardinals
15. Boston Red Sox
16. Kansas City Royals
17. Arizona Diamondbacks
18. San Diego Padres
19. Detroit Tigers
20. Houston Astros
21. Pittsburgh Pirates
22. Cleveland Indians
23. Seattle Mariners
24. Oakland Athletics
25. Miami Marlins
26. Toronto Blue Jays
27. Minnesota Twins
28. Milwaukee Brewers
29. Chicago White Sox
30. New York Mets

Jeter! The Royals rating feels correct in the middle of the pack. The right side of the field is a drag.

And finally, Royals player ratings:


It's like the developers read this blog. Shields and then a bunch of number four starters. No way is Hochevar that high.


Gordon the third highest rating? No. Francoeur eight points higher than Hosmer? No. Getz higher than Moustakas? No. At least they got Butler right.

Ratings be damned, I'll be buying this game. Along with the Baseball America Prospect Guide and the Baseball Prospectus Annual, this is a rite of my spring.

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