Carlos Beltran: If he makes the Hall will it be as a Royal or as a Met?

Carlos Beltran has been one of the games better players for a long time. Never the best but always good, very consistent. In his early days he was a Royal. For 7 years he put on the Royal blue. When he was 22 in 1999 he won rookie of the year with us with a slash of 293/337/454 and 22 home runs. the next year he was inured and suffered the sophomore slump. He never had a season worse than that again.

Beltran has played for a total of 15 years accumulating 8349 PA's, 7314 Ab's, and 1919 games. He has 2064 hits, 334 home runs, and a lifetime triple slash of 282/360/496. He has a total of 62.3 WAR. He also recently reached 300 steals and has 306 in his career.

If I am not mistaken he also could have stayed a Royal for 3 more years if the royals offered him $1 million more. $1 freakin million more. Instead he signed with the Mets in 2005 after we traded him to the Astros. He stayed with the mets until 2011 when he was traded to the Giants at the deadline.

When you think Carlos Beltran do you don't think of a hall of famer but he actually has a decent shot with his stats.

In his Royals career he as mentioned before won rookie of the year and had one all star appearance even though he probably should have had one or two more. The funny think about his one all star appearance for the Royals was that he was traded before the all star game so he was the first player to be selected to one team and play for the other at the all star game. His stats with the Royals were 164 SB's, 123 HR's, 899 hits, 287/352/483, 146 doubles, 45 triples, 23.1 WAR, and a 111 OPS+. He also played in 795 games, had 3512 PA's, and 3134 AB's. He played with us for seven years. He was ninth in MVP voting in 2003 and in 2004 he was 12th in MVP voting but that was for playing with Houston.

In his Mets career he also played with them for 7 years. He played in 839 Games, had 3640 PA's, and had 3133 AB's. He had 5 all star appearances with them and finished fourth in MVP voting in 2006(he really should have gotten it or at least finish second to Albert Pujols), 20th in 2007, 21st in 2008, and 20th in 2011. His stats with the Mets were 280/369/500, an OPS+ of 129, 149 HR's, 878 hits, 100 SB's, 17 triples, 208 doubles, and 30.2 WAR.

Aother thing to add to his hall of fame case is his postseason performance. In the postseason in 34 games he has 14 home runs, 45 hits, 10 doubles, 0 triples, 363/470/782. Those are some pretty amazing numbers for the postseason.

On baseball reference under the Hall of Fame Monitor he has a 100 meaning he is a likely hall of famer. On Hall of Fame standards he has a 41 with 50 being the average Hall of Famer. He scores a 1 on black ink of which is for awards won with the average hall of famer have a 27. Under Gray Ink which is for awards that someone places in he has a 76 with the average hall of famer getting a 144. His JAWS is 51.3 with the average HOF CF getting a 54.8. His 7yr peak WAR is 40.4 with the average HOF CF getting 42.5. His overall WAR is 62.3 with the average HOF CF having 67.1 WAR.

His top ten similar batters are:

  1. Andre Dawson (929) *
  2. Dave Winfield (921) *
  3. Carlos Lee (899)
  4. Dwight Evans (898)
  5. Bernie Williams (894)
  6. Bobby Bonds (889)
  7. Scott Rolen (887)
  8. Bobby Abreu (887)
  9. Luis Gonzalez (882)
  10. Derrek Lee (881)

The Baseball Reference Fan EloRater has him ranked 113 all time. He is in between manny ramirez and keith hernandez.

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