David Lowe Reports from Spring Training - II

1. Don't get excited about Hosmer's Sunday performance. His two "hits" were high chopping ground balls over a drawn in infield. No line drives. His other two ABs? Strikeouts, one looking and one swinging on a ball that was never close to the strike zone with a 1-2 count.

I see no improvement for Hoz so far in the WBC and in the game Sunday. It's the same as last year.

2. The Royals absolutely pounded the White Sox in every aspect of the game was a blowout from the first inning.

3. David Lough hit another line drive, this time an out to the CF. Dude is really raking every thing.

4. JF looked horrible at the plate again, striking out twice I believe.

5. Chris Getz continues to hit line drives. Johnny G's hit was a legit double lined into the left center gap. I still believe Getz will win the 2B job.

6. Brandon Wood redeemed himself somewhat, playing a decent SS and making a very nice spinning play to throw out Gordon Beckham on a grounder up the middle.

7. It appears Elliot Johnson doesn't have much a stick...not impressed with what I've seen so far.

8. Mendoza pitched as good as his line indicated. He mixed up all his pitches wonderfully on Sunday keeping the Pale Hose guessing and missing. Fastball consistently between 91-93 and offspeed pitches around 81-84.

9. Nate Adcock buzzed Gordon Beckham on his first pitch in relief after Alex Gordon got tagged up near the neck by Purcey the previous inning. Liked what Adcock did and if Yost ordered it, I like it. Not going to let Ventura and crew come into our park and throw at our best player's head.

10. JC Gutierrez was nice, around 94-96 consistently with the FB. Holland was very good and got a called 3rd strike to end the game.

11. Before the game, I watched the minor leaguers take batting practice. I was impressed with Alexis Rivera...he is a massive dude for his age. He was jacking balls out to right. It will be interesting to see how they handle Rivera, because he appears to be in a league of his own. Adalberto Mondesi, Terrance Gore, Elian Hernandez, and Bubba Starling also hit in this group. I was impressed with all of them. They all have very solid frames - baseball bodies. Mondesi still a bit thin, but has room to grow.

More to come after Monday night's game against Yu Darvish.


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