David Lowe Reports from Spring Training - III: Total Embarrassment

As good as the Royals looked on Sunday, they were equally as bad on Monday night against the Texas Rangers.

1. Gio looked lost at the plate, striking out twice. Don't see how he beats out Getz.

2. Derek Lowe totally owned the Royals. After Gordon's leadoff single, it was basically lights out.

3. On the other hand, Ervin Santana was Ervin Santana. Ian Kinsler did anything he wanted against him; lining an opposite field single, pulling a long HR to left field. Texas just did whatever they wanted to against Santana.

4. Billy Butler struck out on 3 pitches from Joe Ortiz, and looked bad doing it. Yes, Joe Ortiz.

5. Both Hosmer and Moustakas struck out in the first against Lowe. Yes, Derek Lowe. Unbelievable. Hosmer swung and missed on strike three, a ball that was so far outside it was never a strike.

6. You see those two double plays the Royals hit into? One by Frenchy, one by Salvador, both on good plays by Kinsler.

7. Escobar popped out to the pitcher on a bunt attempt in the first. I watched the minor leaguers practicing over and over to get their bunts down yesterday, but Escobar couldn't get it done.

8. Ervin Santana watching a slowing chopping ground ball just to his right in the 1st inning which died right by the mound and resulted in a base hit. If he would have moved to get it, easy out. But he just watched it.

9. JF made a good play to get Moreland out after he lined a shot over his head. JF threw a laser to Gio, who threw behind Moreland at 1st when he rounded the bag too far.

10. Hosmer made a bonehead play on a grounder to his right that Gio easily got to. Instead of letting the ball go to Gio, he tried to scoop it and missed, then Santana was late to the bag.

11. Salvador Perez was robbed on a line shot in the 6th by a diving CF catch. Otherwise, he goes 2 for 3.

12. Donnie Joseph had a forgettable outing and made it very easy to cut him from the roster to minor league camp. 2BBs, 2WPs, and one of the BBs was a four pitch that caused Eiland to visit the mound.

13. Hochevar was working 94-96mph with his fastball. Another quality outing by Hochevar in relief.

14. Borbon stole a base on Santana early in the game when Santana flat out ignored him on 1st base.

I swear, the Royals looked totally lost out there they were sleep walking. No intensity. I realize its spring training, but this was terrible. Moose was jawing with the opposition and/or the 3B umpire in between almost every pitch. Not every at bat, every pitch. Not really paying attention to the game. Hosmer of course did the same at 1B when there was a runner on 1st.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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