All Royals Under Contract

Going to the bank - G. Newman Lowrance

Includes a sight rarely seen - a pay cut.

A little bit of Saturday morning news to get your weekend off to a great start...

-- The Royals reached agreements with the five remaining players on their 40-man roster without contracts.

Aaron Crow - $1.28 Million
Luis Mendoza - $532,000
Louis Coleman - $511,000
Guillermo Moscoso - $504,250
Francisley Bueno - $492,650

Mendoza and Crow will be eligible for salary arbitration for the first time in 2014. Crow's contract represents a pay cut from the $1.6 million he banked last year. That's a 20 percent reduction which is the maximum allowable according to baseball's collective bargaining agreement. Interesting, but I wouldn't read anything into it. This is standard procedure for teams with players with less than three years of major league service time. As such, I can't see this damaging a relationship between Crow and the team or Hendricks Sports Group (Crow's agent) and the team.

To paraphrase: "It's not personal. It's strictly business."

-- The Chris Getz home run continues to send shock waves around the world. Word from Dutton is that Getz worked with the Royals hitting coach(es) to adjust his stance where he has his front foot already in the landing position before the pitch is delivered. He's simply picking that foot up and stepping in the same spot.

Sounds a little like Jeff Bagwell to me.

I'm thinking 40 home runs isn't out of the question.

-- Reports are Ervin Santana had a good outing on Friday. He threw just six pitches to record three outs in the first - all fastballs in the 92 mph range - and picked up two quick outs in his second inning of work. He then allowed a walk and double before getting out of the inning on a three pitch strikeout.

-- Lorenzo Cain ran into a wall. And survived.

-- Brazil nearly pulled off an early upset against Japan in the WBC overnight. The story for us would be Paulo Orlando, who hit leadoff for the Brazilians and went 2-4 with a bunt single and a steal. Sounds awfully gritty. Don't forget to visit our WBC thread over the weekend.

-- Dutton's latest Q&A is online. Worth reading for the Giancarlo Stanton trade proposal and the suggestion (from a reader) that the Royals could cut my new favorite ballplayer. Despite the fact he's due almost $7 million. Keep on, keeping on.

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