Previewing Game Two of Royals and Braves

Wackiness abounded last night in Atlanta. - Daniel Shirey

Oddities abound in Game One, what might this one hold?

There was plenty of things you won't see every day last night in Atlanta:

  • Chris Getz went deep. He hung dong. He muscled up. Chris Getz hit his first home run as a Royal. You might never see that happen again.
  • We saw Lorenzo Cain basically whiff on a fly ball in right center (to be fair, Cain ran a long way to even get there), only to have Jeff Francoeur pick up the ball on one hop and throw out a runner at the plate. Listen, we can be awfully critical of the Frechman around here, but his ability to throw a baseball a long way with great accuracy is unquestioned.
  • On the negative side, we watched as Kelvin Herrera served up three massive home runs in the bottom of the 8th. Even if he was/is tipping pitches, you won't see that everyday.
  • Finally, we saw a Braves reliever suffer an injury in mid-wind up and fall off the mound with the ball still in his hand.
While it was certainly not a good night to be a Kansas City fan, it was interesting.

What might today hold?

The Royals will be facing left-hander Mike Minor, who has allowed just one run in his first 13 innings of work this season. He has walked one and struck out 11. Going back to July of last year, Minor has an earned run average of 2.03 over 106 innings of work. The 25 year old will come at the Royals with a fastball, change, slider, curve arsenal with the change-up and curve being his 'swing and miss' pitches.

Wade Davis will take the mound in blue, coming off a five inning start last week where he allowed four hits, three walks, but no runs and struck out six. Brooks Baseball has Davis down with the following pitch distribution in that start:
  • 42 fastballs (2 and 4 seamers)
  • 27 change-ups
  • 16 curves
  • 10 cutters

As noted last week, Davis seems to have an ability to confuse the Pitch F/x system (if not opposing batters), so it may well be that the change-up number is again high. Davis has always thrown a slider in the past and one has to believe it is actually in those pitch counts.

Bruce Chen has pitched in relief in both of Davis' starts this year and given that Wade has yet to throw a pitch in the sixth inning of a baseball game, it is likely we will see Chen again today. In two appearances, the elder statesman of the staff has allowed two hits, no runs, no walks and struck out four in four innings. No, Chen is not throwing harder out of the bullpen. In fact, his fastball is two miles per hour slower than last year. Whatever, it's working so far.

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