Royal Card of the Day 5/15/13 Happy Birthday Mullet! Edition

Hey all, like a few of you I'm an avid baseball card collector. I love them and they love to eat up my wallet. I love ripping into wax, but I especially enjoy building onto my massive Royals card collection. Sadly, my friends and family are tired of me rambling on about my favorite cards, so now all of you get to deal with it! I'll be posting a random Royals card every day and breaking down the player's season and the card itself. Ready?

1991 Score #853 George Brett Franchise - Beckett Value: $.25



Photo: 6/10
A classic pose shot showing Brett's ridiculously muscular forearms. You can see his age here but he looks like he's got a few more years in him. I would have scored this lower, but the three bats might have symbolized his three batting titles, the last of which he had just won in 1990. Pretty nifty...

Design: 3/10
By most accounts, 1991 may have been the last year of awful looking card designs (See 1991 Donruss) and these cards reflect that. Boring player shots with colored backgrounds. Why the black and white? Because computer graphic design was starting to become mainstream and no one had any idea how to handle it.

Card Back: 7/10

A simple summary of a spectacular season on top of a clean design, I dig it. The only thing I don't like is that they included a quote about his intangible qualities. I like my cards to stick to the facts.

Overall Score: 5.5/10

Brett's 1991 Season:
After an incredible 1990, Brett's age began to catch back up to him in 1991. His BA dropped .074 points to his career low of .255. This coincided with his move from 1B to DH for the majority of the year. On the flip side, he earned the highest salary of his career at $3,105,000. Today that salary would make him the 9th highest paid player on the team between Bruce Chen and Alcides Escobar. John Wathan led the club to an 82-80 season which placed them in 6th place out of 7 teams in the AL West.

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