Royal Card of the Day 5/20/13: Young Yimmy Yobble

2003 Donruss Champions #130 Jimmy Gobble - Beckett Value: $.30



Photo: 7/10

If you haven't figured it out by now, I don't have much of a set criteria for how I grade these photos. If I like it, it gets a high grade. If I don't, it gets a low one. I kind of like this one...

Check out those perfectly manicured eyebrows, that sharp forced and confused smile, that fresh jersey that looks like it was purchased out of the back of a truck parked at a Texaco. This kid has IT. I especially like that he's hiding his left hand. What's he got back there? A baseball? A gun? No, he has his fingers crossed because he just told the cameraman that he was deserving of his Baseball America Top 100 ranking. Lastly, I'm pretty sure this photo was shot on the green of a country club.

Design: 6/10

Donruss did step its game up in the late 90's. The leftside panel is kind of cool and the Donruss logo looks pretty sharp. The Royals logo definitely could have been bigger. The most damaging part of the design is that the badass American League logo looks like it was stretched out in Microsoft Paint for no real reason.

Card Back: 7/10

There's a lot to like about the back of this card. For starters, we get one more look at that toothy smile. For fun I decided to have a staring contest with Jimmy! I came in second, how long can you last? I'm not sure why they thought it was necessary to make the word "ROOKIE" gold and bigger than Jimmy's name. Probably because most collectors didn't give two shits about Jimmy Gobble and just wanted to invest in a rookie card. Children, that's why we do our homework before we invest. Gobble's 2002 year in Wichita saw him get 11 decisions in 12 starts, that's kinda rare. Whoever wrote up the summary literally just re-wrote his 2002 stats in words. Lazy bastards.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

Yimmy Yobble's 2003 Season:

Billy James Gobble spent most of 2003 as a Wrangler, posting a 12-8 record across 22 starts. After getting called up to the Royals, he posted a 4-5 record across 9 starts. Okay, seriously, how did this guy get a decision in all but three starts out of 43 over two years!? For the year Jimmy had a 4.61 ERA in the bigs which was good enough to get Kansas City excited about their future. Ten years later, jokes on us.

Jimmy last played in 2010 for the Rockies organization. Billy James Gobble, wherever you are, keep on smiling.

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