A Quick Article on Why Lorenzo Cain is a Beast

Quick note - I wrote this around mid-day Sunday, but couldn't post until now due to some technical complications. Sorry... I'm new here.

The Royals are off to a fairly good start in 2013, holding a 20-19 record entering their 40th game today, and sitting just 2.5 games back of first place in the Central. (Entering Sunday's games)

The offense however, has struggled in the early going. The Royals currently rank 13th in the American League in runs, so it has really been the pitching that's been the Royals' key to success thus far. There are a few bright spots offensively, as Alex Gordon continues to show that he can hold down the heart of the order, leading the team in most offensive categories. Another player that has shone so far this season is 27 year-old Lorenzo Cain.

Cain was drafted by the Brewers in the 17th round in 2004, and came to Kansas City in December 2010 as a part of the Zack Greinke deal. Now in his first season as an everyday player, Cain is thriving.

His slash line of .310/.378/.426 is pretty good, but he has been even more productive than this suggests.

Miguel Cabrera currently leads the league in batting average w/RISP, holding a .500 average in such situations. Miguel Cabrera is really, really good. However, second on that leaderboard you will find Kansas City's own Lorenzo Cain. Cain is currently hitting .457 with runners in scoring position, totaling 22 RBIs to this point. Although 22 is no where near Cabrera's astounding 42 RBIs, Lorenzo is making the most of his chances.

Cain has also done terrifically well in the pressure situations. In 20 "high leverage" plate appearances, Cain has totaled 7 hits (.389 average), producing 9 runs and 7 RBIs while walking twice. The 9 runs and 7 hits in such situations is tied for the team lead with AG4 (does anyone call him that?), while his 7 RBIs places him behind only Butler (8) and Gordon (14). His .389 average in high leverage situations places him 4th among American League outfielders. (The first 3 are all Orioles. Go figure.)

Furthermore, Lorenzo Cain has been the most productive Royal hitting out of the 5th spot this season. In his 68 at-bats out of the 5th spot, Cain is hitting .324 and has collected 13 of his 22 total RBIs, while scoring 19 runs. Everybody else is doing... well, less. Other Royals hitting from the 5th spot have had 77 at-bats, but are only hitting .260 and have so far only produced 3 RBIs and 6 runs.

So yeah. Thanks, Lorenzo Cain, for being really good. Here are a few GIFs of Lorenzo Cain having a bad day.




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