Royal Card of the Day 5/22/13: Jim "Bow Chicka WOWOW" Eisenreich

1993 TOPPS GOLD #22 JIM EISENREICH - Beckett Value: $.25



Photo: 10/10

Holy crap, this may be the greatest photo in Royals baseball card history. Ladies and gentlemen, on this day in 1992, Jim Eisenreich became the first player in Royals history to get to Second Base... with second base. No, Jim isn't sliding, he's lounging. In fact, he hit a standing double two outs ago. At that point he sat down next to the bag, reached over, and copped a feel. As he got a nice handful he looked over his left shoulder and said "Hey baby, I guess this gives a whole new meaning to dirtbag." Thankfully the Royals quickly got the 3rd out before Jim could go for third base.

Design: 6/10

I know what you're thinking. "OHEMGEE IS THAT CARD MADE OUT OF RAEL GOLD!?!?!?!" No, no it's not. Someone at Topps found a secret stash of foil and baseball cards have never been the same.

Card Back: 5/10

Damn this card is busy. The photo is a nice touch but everything else is overkill. Nothing really of note in the text other than... woah... Jim Eisenreich had two triples in one game? How could he DO THAT to second base! That three-timing bastard!

Overall Score: 7/10

Jim Eisenreich's 1993 Season:

On a more serious note, I have a lot of respect for Jim. As you may remember, Jim has Tourette Syndrome (which I'm not going to joke about) and spent the 1985 and 1986 season out of baseball. In 1987 he signed with the Royals and put in a few good seasons against all odds. From what I understand about Tourettes, it involves a lot of involuntary tics, which would make everyday life extremely hard, not to mention trying to stay cool at the plate. Jim's 1993 season was played with the Philadelphia Phillies after signing there as a free agent. Jim batted .318/.363/.445 across 394 PA for a 2.5 WAR. Today Jim runs the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette Syndrome out of Kansas City.

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