Royal Card of the Day 5/23/13: For the Love of Gordon

2013 Topps Silver Slate Blue Sparkle Wrapper Redemption #204 Alex Gordon - Beckett Value: $4



Photo: 8/10

This photo has it all, a good shot of the player's profile, some action and a great view of the uniform. Because of the blue sparkle design, we can't see the full picture so I had to drop it off a couple points. Alex also has a Joe Randa-esque tobacco grin on his face, so you know he smacked that ball. That gets me thinking... has anyone noticed that the rise of these stupid "Look I'm on base" hand signals have started to rise throughout the league with the fall of chewing tobacco? Any theories out there?

Design: 10/10

I absolutely love the design of this card. As I mentioned in a recent post, I love the 2013 Topps design. What makes this card special is the awesome blue sparkly glitter shit going on. You can't go to Wal-Mart and buy a pack in hopes of finding one of this. No sir, you had to mail off dozens of empty packs to Topps in exchange for a redemption pack stuffed with these. The only problem is that Topps literally only made enough of these redemption packs to cover the orders that were mailed out the very first day of this promotion. I got this bad boy off of Ebay for $2... worth every penny. Sadly, my scanner doesn't do this card justice, it really flattens out the shine. The sparkling blue glitter looks way better in person.

Card Back: 9/10

This is the exact same card back you'll find on any base Alex Gordon card this season, which is a good thing. Now everyone can enjoy its beauty! The biggest difference you might notice with today's cards versus older ones is the renewed emphasis on statistic columns. These cards are a numbers-guy's dream! It takes me forever to open a pack of these because I go through and analyze every column of every batter to find patterns. I would break down the numbers here, but my mom is calling for me to come upstairs for an afternoon snack.

The design is fantastic, but it really brings some things to light about Alex. His career average may never be above .300 due to some rough early years, but at his current pace it's still entirely possible. Mike Moustakas will be happy if he ever gets his average above .260. As we've seen, Alex's consistent ability to get extra base hits is extremely impressive. What isn't impressive is that though he had 51 doubles last season, Gordon only scored 93 runs. He'll be lucky to come close to 93 runs this year.

Overall Score: 9/10

Gordon's 2013 Season:

It's been really effing good.

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