As bad as it is right now...the reality of the situation is even WORSE

I haven't been around this board all year mostly due to being pretty busy. I've actually pretty much only watched Royals games and very few other games so far this year, which is not normal for me. I, like many of you, was pretty excited with the 17-10 start but tempered my enthusiasm because I wanted to wait another 20-30 games before calling this team legit. But still, I was happy with the start and hoped the Royals would continue winning.

Now things have changed. They've lost 16 out of 20 (how the fuck do you go from a 17-10 team to the worst fucking team in baseball in a matter of a few weeks????) and as much as that really sucks, the situation this organization is in will only get worse. No, this team won't continue losing 16 out of 20 the rest of the way. They'll probably play .420 ball the remainder of the season. But there's absolutely no hope for the future. None.

A couple of years ago, we all looked towards 2012 as the year this team would breakthrough. Then once we all laid off the kool-aid and realized they would be pretty young in 2012, we started talking about 2013. Now that 2013 is here and this is the same mediocre team we've seen for the past 20 years, we're disappointed. But at least in 2010 and 2011 we had HOPE. Nothing more than hope, but at least it was something.

Like I said, I've been insanely busy with work and playing poker the past few months so I'm kind of out of the loop with sports talk in KC, but I can't imagine there's any optimism for 2014 or going forward. The harsh reality is the current big league club has about 6-7 major holes to fill...and no way to fill them. We don't have many more Wil Myers' left to trade away. And now that we know Eric Hosmer and Mike Mistakas are complete busts, we're screwed.

It's time to give up on Hosmer and Moose. That's 2 KEY spots to fill in the lineup. We also need a RF (okay, maybe Bubba Starling in a couple of years), a 2B (don't have anyone), and we're still a couple of pitchers (maybe 1 starter and 1 reliever) away from contention.

If we were the Yankees, we could just go out and buy those players. But we're not. We have to do things through the draft or trade. Unfortunately, trading is no longer an option. We've already traded away Greinke and Myers. Our young players that were top prospects (Moose, Hosmer, etc) didn't pan out and no longer have any trade value. About all we can do is trade Gordon and Butler, but that just leaves 2 more holes to fill. And since Gordon and Butler are 2 of the few quality players this roster has, I'm not sure that's a bright idea.

I guess I really don't understand how Dayton Moore still has a job. I don't think any GM in history has done such a mediocre job in the MLB amateur draft as he has. If there is someone, I'd like to see him. Hochevar (oh, right, it wasn't his pick....riiiiiiiight), Moustakas, and Hosmer were all Top 3 picks (3 years in a row) and all 3 of them are complete busts. I'm not sure Christian Colon (his 2009 1st round pick) will ever make it to the bigs. That's 4 straight years of high 1st round picks and haven't gotten ANYTHING out of them.

I'll give Dayton some credit for the Greinke trade and the Myers trade. Myers is going to be a bust. I've never seen him play but I'm confident he'll never make it simply because Dayton drafted him. Have any Dayton Moore draft picks done anything in KC?? 7 years and we've gotten basically nothing out of the draft despite having a Top 10 pick every year. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we're fucked. For the first time in years, there really is no hope for the future. We're going to need a whole heck of a lot of crazy luck to contend in the next 3-4 years. But I will say this...if there's anyone due some ridiculous luck, it's Royals fans. I believe we've suffered enough. End of rant.

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