Know A (Potential) Future Royal: Colin Moran


The Info:

Position: 3B
Height: 6-3
Weight: 215
Bats/Throws: L-R
Birthdate: October 1, 1992
College: UNC

The Tools:

Hit: 50-60

Best tool for Moran. Has good discipline. Potential plus hitter with high OBP. Lots of line drives with solid contact. Considered one of the Top 3 pure college hitters in the draft.

Power: 40-50

Lags behind his hit tool. Very little loft in his swing and won't be much of a home run hitters. Seems like he'll hit 2 or 3 times more doubles than home runs. Could break out for a 15 home run year, but that's a peak for sure.

Speed: 40-40

Speed is low. Not great out of the box and down the line and just the same as he's running the paths. Could possibly loose speed as he fills out more.

Arm: 55-60

Considered a raw arm strength. It's there for sure, but not quite at the plus potential yet. Poor footwork hurts his throws as well.

Range: 40-40

Poor defensive range as well as footwork and mechanics. There's risk that he won't be able to stay at 3B in the big leagues. Best case is he's an average to fringe third baseman.

The Ranking:

Overall: Would instantly be a Top-5 prospect for the Royals.

Hitter: Would be a Top 3 hitting prospect for the Royals

Position: Would rival with Cheslor Cuthbert, but due to his advanced age he'd have the leg up on Cuthbert.

The Comp: Middle infielder from UNC that's got a great hit tool and limited power... sound like somebody else we've heard of? Dustin Ackley is an alright comparison, but he was a second baseman and was a good defender.

David Freese could be another. Lifetime .291/.359/.436 hitter with a little pop and doubles. Moran should hit for a higher average but should play worst defense.

The Draft: Won't fall outside of the Top 10. Likely could go Top 5, but the questions about his power development and his defense could drop him a few. He's considered the closest college bat to the majors, so a team looking for a quicker impact could take him.

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