Northwest Arkansas Naturals vs. Corpus Christi Hooks

Yesterday I went down to Northwest Arkansas to see the Naturals. The pitching match up was Jason Adam versus Jack Buchanan. Adam as everyone knows is the local boy from Blue Valley Northwest that we got in the fifth round in 2010. The players with any big league potential that I saw were Adam, Orlando Calixte, and Rey Navarro. The Naturals also have Yordano Ventura. The Hooks had George Springer who had a bad night at the plate. Here is the recap that I wrote of the game while there:

Jason Adam is looking great to start off. 4 strikeouts in 2 innings however because of the catcher 2 of them were dropped. Carlos Testa got the first hit of the game in the second inning by an error on the first baseman. First hit for the hooks was in the third inning off of a routine can of corn. In the third Adam got 2 more k's. Second hit was also in the third. It was a double but was also a routine play. It scored a runner. A good defensive play was made to end the third. A second runner scored before the out was made however.

In the fourth Adam quickly retired all 3 batters. No k's however. Orlando Calixte got a hit in the fourth on a bad throw by the second baseman. Next pitch calixte got forced out by Rey Navarro. Navarro however got a single on a bad throw yet again.

In the fifth Adam quickly gave up a hit to the first batter that was soon followed by a popup to the shortstop. That was followed by another popup and then a k. Adam is at 7 k's through 5. To start the sixth Adam struck out a batter but the catcher dropped it. That was followed by another k. Adam then allowed a home run. After that Adam struck out another guy. Through 6 Adam has 10 k's, 3 earned runs that in the majors would be 1, and 5 hits that in the majors would be 2.

In the sixth for the naturals the only person to reach base was Calixte on a walk. To start the seventh Adam gave up a home run. That was followed by a dropped third strike k that resulted in an out. Though 7 Adam has 11 k's, 2 true earned runs, and 3 true hits. Adam was pulled after the seventh.

Edwin Karl replaced him. Karl quickly gave up a double in the eighth. Karl then allowed a hit. No outs runners on corners. Karl then walked a batter. Karl then struck George springer out. Karl then allowed a hit that scored a run but also got a runner out. Karl was then pulled.

Karl was replaced by Jon keck our 42nd round pick in 2009. He is a lefty. We got him from college. A grounder to first ended the inning. In the ninth keck allowed a walk. Keck then struck a guy out. Keck then walked another guy. Keck then walked another. Keck ended the inning with a grounder. Calixte got a hit in the ninth. Rey Navarro followed suit and Calixte advanced to third. Naturals lose game 5 to 0. Only people without negative points are Adam, Calixte, and Navarro.

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