Draft Signings and Assignments

The draft was roughly two weeks ago. The Royals have signed 24 of their 41 picks, which is a pretty good haul so far. Last year the Royals signed 31 of their 40 picks, including their top 11 and 28 of the top 30. The goal, obviously is to land everyone in the first ten rounds to avoid losing that pool money.

So far, the following players are unsigned from the top 30 rounds - Sean Manea, LHP (CBA), Carter Hope, RHP (third), Cody Stubbs, 1B (eighth), Shane Conlon, 1B (21st), Logan Gray, SS (25th), Trace Tam Sing, SS (26th), Christian Flecha, LHP (27th). Many teams end up not signing several players from the last ten rounds, so I am not considering them here.

Looking to last season, the assignments were all to short season teams - Burlington, Idaho Falls, and Arizona. #1 pick Kyle Zimmer made the jump to Lo-A after a few starts, but everyone else stayed in short season ball.

So where are players headed?

Well, Idaho Falls has Hunter Dozier - SS, (1st), Luke Farrell - P(6th), Daniel Rockett - OF (9th), Dominique Taylor - CF (15th), Frank Schwindel - C/1B (18th), Glenn Sparkman - P (20th), Zane Evans - C (4th), Kyle Bartsch - P (7th), Jonathan Dziedec - P (13th), and Cody Reed - P (2nd).

Arizona has not had any draftees assigned yet.

Burlington has Alex Newman - OF (10th), Kevin Kuntz - SS (28th), Andrew Ayers - 2B (30th), Andrew Edwards - P (19th), Javier Reynoso - P (23rd), and Kevin McCarthy - P (16th).

Amalani Fukofuka - OF(5th), Xavier Fernandez - C (11th), Brandon Dullin - 1B (12th), Chase Darhower - P (14th), Kevin Perez - P (17th), Andrew Brockett - P (22nd), Riley King - CF (24th), and Alex Black - P (29th) have not yet been assigned.

Looking at how the Royals proceeded last year, the college pitchers seemed to go to Idaho Falls, with high schoolers going to Arizona. Higher round picks went to Idaho first, with guys held over from the previous year dominating the Burlington roster and high picks filling in if the position was thin.

That means Fukofuka, Fernandez, Darhower, Perez and King are all likely headed to Arizona, with Brockett, Dullin and Black going to Idaho Falls. One of the Brockett or Dullin may end up in Arizona if 1B gets too crowded. The Burlington roster is basically full of last season's draftees and international players.

If they sign, Gray, Flecha and Hope will all probably be going to Arizona. Manea likely won't pitch at all. If he does, it will likely be in Arizona, with an eye towards starting the year in the Sally next year. Stubbs, Conlon and Sing will probably get sent to Idaho Falls. My guess is that two or three of those players will not sign, so those players will affect the inventory slightly, which could shift the assignments.

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