Crazy Late Night Baseball Leads to 6-5 Royals Win

Jamie Squire

A two and a half hour rain delay, a stadium light malfunction, a possible Alex Gordon concussion are all part of a crazy late night game that results in Royals victory.

To be quite candid, I went to bed last night at 11:30. The Royals were up 1-0 in the sixth on a first-inning Billy Butler RBI single. Jeremy Guthrie had thrown five shutout innings. I had to wake up early this morning, the Royals game seemed like another ho-hum low-scoring affair with nothing of note.

Here's what happened while I was in dreamland:

  • Jeremy Guthrie gave up three runs in the top of the sixth all on an inside-the-park home run by Jason Kipnis. Alex Gordon would fall awkwardly into the bullpen fence on the play, knocking his head against the wall, and lay motionless on the warning track while three Indians circled the bases. Gordon would leave the game and later admitted he did not remember what happened on the play.
  • The Royals stormed back with four runs in the bottom of the inning on a hit parade. The Royals bunched five hits in six plate appearances with RBI from Sal Perez, Lorenzo Cain, and Miguel Tejada, with a bonus run after pitcher Bryan Shaw's throwing error. The ol' "induce the pitcher to make a wild pickoff throw" worked again!
  • The Indians would rally back in the seventh after Guthrie walked two hitters and reliever Will Smith would allow them to score.
  • The lights went out, delaying the game for twelve minutes. Pay your bills on time Mr. Glass!
  • Eric Hosmer, hallowed by they name, hung dong in the bottom of the seventh to break the tie and give the Royals a 6-5 lead. It was Hosmer's seventh home run in his last 18 games, and he is hitting .293/.333/.653 over that stretch.
  • Greg Holland struck out two hitters in the ninth to get around an Alcides Escobar error. Holland has 52 strikeouts, the same number as Jeremy Guthrie, and one more than Luis Mendoza.

All this happened while I was having a bizarre dream where I was in a 19th century weightlifting competition with Coach Feb, Lee Judge, and Jeff Francoeur. I need to cut down on the late night snacks.

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