Possible September Call-ups

Ed Zurga

40 man roster Call-ups
This is a quick look ahead to possible September call-ups. This is based on the 25 and 40 man rosters as of August 10.

DL- Technically these aren’t call-ups. These players will rejoin the team when they are ready.
Chris Getz
Felipe Paulino
Lorenzo Cain

Omaha is currently 2.5 games ahead in their division. Dayton likes for young players to experience playoffs. So, there is a good chance some call-ups may be delayed until Omaha is out of the playoffs.

Sure things- These players have major league experience. They are seen as possible Major league contributors. They will eventually see duty on the major league team this year.

Danny Duffy will be called up to the major leagues as soon as Omaha’s season ends. He will quite likely be called up on September 1. The only possible exception would be if the Royals decide to shut him down early after coming back from Tommy John surgery. He has thrown 66.2 innings this year. He will likely have about 85-90 come September.

Johnny Giavotella could be called up on September 1 even if Omaha is in the playoffs. With the hole at 2B, Gio would give Ned another toy to play with (or ignore). It could be his last chance as a Royal, as he could be a candidate to DFA to open space on the 40 man roster over the winter.

Royals in playoff hunt- If the Royals are still in hunt, then standard September call-up strategy goes out the window. People could be called up on September 1 even if Omaha makes the playoffs. The following players would be seen as helpful bench players in a playoffs chase. But, might not warrant a complimentary major league call-up otherwise.

Everett Teaford has been a part of the Omaha shuttle before and has seen decent if unspectacular results in the Majors.

Irving Falu would be seen as a good bench player. His biggest handicap is that he may be passed over, for someone not on the 40 man roster.

Possibilities- The following are players on the 40 man roster. They could get a look, but a deficiency may keep them out.

Maikel Cleto has yet to perform at the Major league level. He might actually have a better chance of a call-up if the Royals fall out of the Playoff chase. Otherwise, he would only be used in low leverage situations.

Chris Dwyer is an interesting case. Many people have said that his best chance in the Majors would be out of the pen. A taste of the major leagues with the Royals bullpen could be interesting. But non-dominate numbers at AAA and no major league experience limits him to low leverage innings.

Justin Marks- See Chris Dwyer. Royals may also not want to shift him to the Bullpen now. He also tends to be slow to adjust to new levels.

Edinson Rincon hasn’t played above AA and is coming back from an injury playing left field. Highly unlikely to get a call-up and could easily be placed in the no way category.

No Way- These players won’t be called up this year and may not be with the Royals next year.

John Lamb has been a cautionary tale about Tommy John recovery. Unless fastball velocity recovers, he may not be long for baseball.

Noel Arguelles has been a cautionary tale about shoulder injuries. His fastball velocity never recovered. Almost assuredly he will be DFA’d to open a 40 man roster spot this fall.

Not on 40 man Roster- The following players aren’t on the 40 man roster, but could be seen as better choices for their positions than people already on the 40 man roster. Or shifting rosters due to injuries and the lack of options could make them rise up the depth chart. A space would have to be cleared for them to join the 40 man roster.

Christian Colon doesn’t have good offensive numbers at AAA. But, he is seen as a possibly good defender at 2B, can play SS in a pinch, has been hot offensively recently, and is still seen as a prospect. Falu could be dropped if the Royals want to see what they have in Colon in the Majors.

Yordano Ventura- A shift to the Royals bullpen down the stretch would freak a lot of people out. But, there is no denying that he has the stuff to succeed in the bullpen down the stretch. Unlike Dwyer or Marks, he could probably be used in high leverage situations.

Pedro Ciriaco has major league experience. He could be seen as ahead of Falu and Colon on the depth chart. If so, DFA-ing Falu could open a spot on the 40 man roster for him.

Manny Pina could be the third string Royals catcher when Perez comes back from the DL. The Royals will no doubt want to have 3 catchers on the roster down the stretch for emergencies. It all depends on what happens with Hayes and Moore.

Adam Moore has been waived by Kansas City to open a spot on the 40 man roster. But if no one claims him, he might return to Omaha. He could then be seen as a better third catcher than Pina depending on what happens to Hayes.

Brian Sanches- The AAA numbers aren’t great, but he has major league experience.

Buddy Baumann has a nice K/9 but a little wild and only has 40 AAA innings. Does Dayton make room on the 40 man roster for him?

Michael Mariot- A case where any AAA pitcher could be used by the parent club at any time, but like Baumann, would Dayton clear a 40 man roster spot for him?

Quintin Berry has major league experience, but hasn’t hit well at AAA this year.

Gorkys Hernandez is a former top prospect and has some major league experience. But, Cain, Maxwell, and Dyson are ahead of him for CF.

Terrance Gore- This is totally out of left field. But, Gore isn’t really a prospect. But, his one advantage is probably about as good as it will ever be, speed. (He might be even faster than Dyson.) He has 62 SB to 7 CS at A level Lexington. He might be a bigger liability on the base paths than an asset due to inexperience. But with an expanded roster, if you really needed a stolen base, he could be worth a gamble.

Francisley Bueno- do you really doubt that he will be back?

2013 Rule 5 draft:

I was also taking a look at people we will need to protect on the 40 man this Fall. I see no doubters as Yordano Ventura, Christian Colon and Brett Eibner.
Debatable: Crawford Simmons, Greg Billo, Justin Trapp, Angel Franco, Brian Fletcher, and all of our shiny new waiver wire pick-ups.

I don’t know if the following need to be protected but are generally no doubters if they do need protection from the rule 5 draft.
Orlando Calixte, Jason Adam, Jorge Bonifacio, and Cheslor Cuthbert.

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