OT Friday: Welcome to Flushing edition

As the Royals are in my backyard this weekend, I figured I'd take a turn on the OT carousel. Unfortunately, the scheduling clods decided to being them in during the summer, when my family annually spends two glorious months in a small bungalow in glorious Loch Sheldrake, NY, and I'm too cheap to pay for the gas and tolls that it will take to see the game live. So I'll be rooting them on from 100 miles away (while my Met-fan son does the opposite, across the table from me), and hoping that next year, the Royals will be playing some New York games during the time I'm actually in the city.

Last time the Royals played in Flushing, I got to see the immortal Shawn Sedlacek hold the Mets to one run before the bullpen (specifically, Jason Grimsley, who occupies a special place on my hate list) let the Mets come back to win. On the other hand, that Royals team came into Flushing riding a 7-game losing streak, this time, our boys are looking to extend a 9-game win streak and hope that the Tigers and Indians don't continue to do likewise (though with their opponents being the White Sox and Marlins respectively, I'm not holding my breath for it).

1) Does/did your family have a regular getaway to a specific place? What do you like about the place?

2) Do you have a secondary baseball team that you root for as long as they're not playing the Royals? Any teams (aside from the Cards, which is pretty much a given here) you always root against, despite their loss not benefiting the Royals in any way?

3) You're hungry for a meal RIGHT NOW, and there's no leftovers in the fridge. What do you make yourself that's tasty and quick?

4) Do you have a Pandora account? Who's the first artist you entered, to base your Pandora "station" on? What new artist did Pandora introduce you to that you're particularly happy about?

5) What's the most valuable item that's ever been stolen from you?

Bonus: Trix Rabbit vs Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird. The stakes: a bowl of their favored cereal. Two enter, only one emerges - who's the winner?

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