I have calmed down enough to see straight after that loss and I just wanted to quickly say, I can not for the life of me understand Ned Yost. For those of you who worship this guy and stick up for him time after time. I would venture to say you have never held a ball bat in your hand in a baseball game.

Look, I am obviously not in the pros, nor am I a coach in MLB. I do however understand the game because I have payed it a lot of years. Things these Royals are doing make no sense. WHY is escobar still swinging for the fences? I mean, HUD even commented tonight about how Pedro needs to get in his butt about it!! REX HUDLER!!!

Why oh why are we putting automatic outs int he lineup that have no power what so ever? People complain about Moose but the dude can wrap the ball one out of ten times and I will take that. What I cant understand if Elliots 1-100. Also why would you play Dyson and Elliot in the same game. Why would Maxwell and and Lough be sitting on the bench together EVER??

Im all for resting a player but that is what off days are for. These guys are payed millions and they have off days. If its a 10 game stretch sit them one day I understand. BUT why is Escobar not sitting? What sense does this make? If it doesnt make sense none of the other makes sense either.

I like on the eastern side of Missouri so I have to pay an unreal amount to watch the Royals games. i typically dont mind but today I was soooo pumped about listening to Ned come up with excuses after that game to the reporters. THE REPORTER SAID (After the awkward silence), "Uh, I dont even know what to say about that one." LOL I mean come on. That was a nice way to say you are an awful coach Ned. It was so bad that Ned interrupted him to say how good the pitchers were and after Ned was done talking it went back to Monty and Joel. They werent going to let us listen to anyone question Ned.

I guess that is what makes me more mad than anything....this being spoon fed crap by who I can only assume is Dayton Moore. They got rid of Frank because he questioned, and cared, and he was a fan. So in turn they got Rex Yes Sir Hudler to agree with every move Ned or Dayton he cant even do it because he KNOWS BASEBALL. This is not baseball this is gambling for wins. THIS IS NOT SMART BASEBALL. Righty lefty match-ups are the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. The only reason we are winning games is because we have talent. Everyone complains about our Offense and I get it....when you change the lineup 130 games out of 162 youre going to have problems. When you sit a MLB starter 50 games out of 162 youre going to have problems. When you sit people who are on streaks you are going to have problems. When you are Ned Yost or Dayton Moore you are going to lose ballgames because you lack the understanding for fundamentals of the game.

Im not even old but this new way of managing baseball games is ruining the sport. Play the game, rest Salvy when he needs it, give up on ELLIOT, GETZ, DYSON STARTING A POSITION, and teach ESCY to hit a flippin groundball. Also pull the cheeseburgers from Billy's face.

Im out!

Sorry for my compete disregard for punctuation and spelling.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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