The Process of Homemade PopTarts


With the Royals sputtering their way to an uncertain finish, I needed some comfort food to distract me from (among other things) Dayton Moore's assertion that the offense doesn't need fixing. And what better treat for a foodie stat-head than homemade pop-tarts?

Now, it's important to use a quality recipe and, even more important, quality ingredients. If you do, three-step recipes turn into two-step recipes and five-step recipes turn into three-step recipes. If you skimp on ingredients or use a crappy recipe just because that's how it was done when you learned to cook, 10-step recipes turn into no pop-tarts at all when you give up in disgust and become a fan of a breakfast treat to be named later.


It's really very simple, despite the complex layout of the online recipe I followed. Just butter, sugar, flour, salt, milk, egg, and strawberry jam. Being an organic farmer and all, I used special ingredients like fresh eggs & goat milk along with locally produced butter. The filling, of course, is homemade strawberry jam from our orchard. Like the Royals, I believe in home-grown ingredients, except I don't trade my best ones for other farms' leftovers.

Along with the white flour, I used some fresh-ground locally-sourced soft wheat berries. Surprisingly for this Royals fan, the darker flour is grittier than regular white flour, defying conventional management wisdom. Still, the grit adds character to the final product.


And here's the final product again, laid out for enjoyment in the basement lair where I listen to Royals games while doing other nerdy things like building models. Mine aren't as pretty as the professional food blogger's, but they're plenty tasty and pleased Mrs. Farmhand as well. I suspect the entire batch of twelve will be gone by the time anyone reads this.

Like this Royals season, these leave a taste in my mouth that's both sweet and crumby.

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