Why we should root to lose

Newsflash: No team managed by a man this dimly lit should ever win the World Series. Especially one managing a small market team like the Royals. In order to rid ourselves of this Sling Blade of a decision maker, our best option is to blow this last week in colossal fashion. And I'm confident with him at the helm, we can do it. This will cause the inevitable fall of Yost, GMDM, or possibly both.

I finally blew tonight (Tuesday, September 17th) in the 6th inning. I'm writing this in bottom of the 8th, and the outcome of the game doesn't even matter. Here is why:


Your first time MLB starter Ventura has given you 5 innings of unbelievable pitching. No rookie under this kind of pressure in his first start should do this well, but he has. So you run the man out in the 6th. But the leash has to be unbelievably short. Remember: 1. THIS IS HIS FIRST MLB START. Don't ever put him in a position to lose. 2. You have the best bullpen in baseball.

So what does Forrest do? Leave Ventura in until he gives up a run and has runners on 1st and 3rd. Just ignorant.


Louis Coleman pitches to one batter to end the 6th and strikes him out. The game is close, you may need bullpen later, but you yank him as you begin the 7th. For no apparent reason. Worse still, you yank him for Kelvin Herrera, who in his very last outing was eaten alive by THIS VERY PART of the Indians lineup. SHOCKINGLY, the Indians touch him up for 2 runs to tie the game.


Who in your ironclad bullpen do you bring out to hold us even in the top of the 8th? The man who pitched so horribly in a starting role that you moved him to the bullpen. Wade Davis. Never mind the plethora of options that would have been stronger, or have a season long track record. Go with the new reliever who blew as a starter. And or course, he gives up the go ahead run.

In all seriousness, my 11 year old son grasps the basics of statistics and probability more than our current empty-uniform of a manager. I would prefer any of his predecessors, I think even including Tony Muser, to him right now.

So - our best long-term hope is to lose. Now. And horribly.

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