Royals Rankings in the Fan Scouting Report.

Take a seat Seager. - Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of the same.

First off, it is nice to be in the playoff hunt, but the chances right now are just slim, and got slimmer with Texas and Tampa Bay winning last night. I believe the Royals will need to win out and two teams will need to stumble some. In my mind each game is an elimination game. Lose and the season is done. Win, and they may have a chance.

I am taking a reserved following for the Seattle series. This is when the team needs to do the hard work. Just grind out every win and hope the other teams begin to falter. The weekend is when the emotions can be high or already smashed. It has been a long season and this week may end up seeming forever.

While votes can still be tallied at The Fan Scouting Report, today I will look at how the Royals are doing and compare the data to previous seasons. Also I will compare other defensive values and see if there are any disconnects between our eyes and the computers.

First, here is the results of the voting so far.

PLAYER Reaction /
Acceler. /
First Few Steps
Velocity /
Sprint Speed
Hands /
Release /
Gordon, Alex 83 78 68 80 90 83 93 82
Perez, Salvador 80 57 37 80 87 87 87 74
Escobar, Alcides 64 75 74 64 68 78 64 70
Cain, Lorenzo 76 81 78 75 65 55 61 70
Hosmer, Eric 60 57 58 67 65 62 56 61
Moustakas, Mike 58 57 42 64 65 77 59 60
Lough, David 59 68 68 52 48 50 56 57
Dyson, Jarrod 42 74 85 52 48 43 44 55
Francoeur, Jeff 35 28 34 45 67 86 77 53
Johnson, Elliot 46 61 59 52 43 43 53 51
Bonifacio, Emilio 53 61 73 52 39 45 38 51
Maxwell, Justin 46 56 59 48 51 45 36 49
Getz, Chris 45 56 60 47 51 28 50 48
Tejada, Miguel 50 41 42 49 48 45 48 46
Giavotella, Johnny 38 45 50 25 34 37 40 38
Kottaras, George 40 45 39 32 27 32 26 35

As a whole, I personally agree. My few disagreements would be:

  • I would take Cains arm (55 value) over Hosmer's (62).
  • On the same lines, I think Moose and Lough are overall better defenders than Hosmer. I just have seen the few times Hosmer played RF and there is no way he could stick there (or 3B), but I think Lough or Moose could play respectable 1B.

Additionally to the 2013 values, here is how some regulars have rated over the years.


Some up, some down, not a ton of changes.

Finally, here is a quick look at how the fan voting compares to UZR values.

Note: Defense takes into account Position and Defensive ability. UZR just compares the player against others at the position.

UZR DEF (UZR + Position)
Gordon, Alex 82 6 -1
Perez, Salvador 74 NA 16
Escobar, Alcides 70 12 19
Cain, Lorenzo 70 20 20
Hosmer, Eric 61 2 -10
Moustakas, Mike 60 8 10
Lough, David 57 14 11
Dyson, Jarrod 55 10 10
Francoeur, Jeff 53 -1 -3
Johnson, Elliot 51 5 5
Bonifacio, Emilio 51 0 1
Maxwell, Justin 49 -1 -23
Getz, Chris 48 3 3
Tejada, Miguel 46 -1 -1
Giavotella, Johnny 38 0 0
Kottaras, George 35 NA 1

A few thoughts

  • Moose is probably not getting enough credit for his ability to play good 3B defense.
  • Cain has been a monster in CF.
  • Statistically, Cain, Lough and Gordon have been about the same fielders. I know people think Gordon is a better fielder than his number this season state. One defensive stat to look at is the entire outfield's UZR. The distribution of balls in play may change depending on if the outfielder have to shade to a certain field to help a crappy fielder. For example, the Royals pick a nice Frenchman out of the crowd to play right field one night (or 3 seasons). The center and left fielders will need to shift over to help this clown out. The two good fielders will likely get to more balls in play, but as a whole, the outfield will record less outs. Now say someone competent plays right field. The left and center fielders can now play at their normal positions and the whole outfield will make more outs. So without a nice Frenchman patrolling right field, here is how the Royals outfield defense has improved.
Season ARM RngR UZR
2008 -10 -8 -17
2009 4 -11 -5
2010 -9 -6 -15
2011 19 -11 11
2012 17 -1 14
2013 16 32 48

The same great arm values from the last two seasons, but the range value has increased over 30 runs or

~3 wins. See how the French can bring people down.

The Royals overall defense may end up historically good (an article for once the final numbers are in), but I tried to give a look at how the Fans rated the Royals position players. Oh and .... GRASS CREEK IS OURS.

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