So as the Chiefs fell

So as the Chiefs fell, ending our promise-land playoff run. I think it time to move on to the other sporting events besides the Super Bowl, which the teams will be the Chargers/Colts/ v. Saints/Packers/49ers because of the recent history of the top 2 seeds in each conference losing in the playoffs

So what do we have until the next Major sports season start? Well, let’s see. College Football: One important game already passed with a horrible Missouri Tigers, win at the Cotton bowl. James Franklin did not throw a single touchdown pass, throwing 15 complete passes out of 40(37.5%), when his season average was 2.1 touchdowns per game and 65.4% completions. Henry Josey showed resilient foot work against the Oklahoma State’s Defense that could get him into a nice position in the NFL draft if he goes(in my opinion SHOULD NOT). The defense did really well against Okie State’s offense that bruises the "high power" Baylor defense in November; but looked lacking, because of the misfortune of the Mizzou O and the momentum was on the Okie St side. The BCS National Champ game will be Famous Jamis Winston's Florida State team with a Big win. I just don’t see Auburn winning with just a triple option. It will probably look like the FSU v. Clemson game but more touchdowns for Auburn, 51-28 FSU.

NBA: blah because no KC/STL team and the Heat will most likely to win the Championship with LBJ winning MVP again. College Basketball: decently well; because, Mizzou(12-1), KU(9-3), K-State(11-3), and the lovely mid-major teams are playing, but since the border war/showdown ended, no great basketball in the area. Mizzou will be in first place starting conference play but might end up being lower when the conference tourney starts. Has the NHL, the Blues(29-7-5, 63 pts) will be in good shape before the Olympics happen, maybe a locked top 4 seed in the playoffs before March 16th.

Speaking about the Olympics, I love the Olympics but the top headlines that would make my head spin would be a rigged Russian judge, possible terror attacks, and USA not winning the medal count. I’m so use to the USA winning the medal count that I don’t care about it anymore. The events I’ll watch is speed skating, hockey because those events are intense, any sled event, and the Biathlon because of skiing and shooting.

Super Bowl on Feb 2nd. Spring Training starts Feb. 13. Big gap of non-important games/events until March 6th-15th are the conference basketball tournaments, SELECTION SUNDAY the 16th. Somehow I feel that Mizzou and KU will be in the same region, fighting for a FINAL FOUR SPOT. March Madness will intertwine will the start of the baseball season with the Beautiful Australia series with the Arizona D-Backs v. The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles, hoping that the D-Backs will return to the original uniforms because there is too much red in baseball and also the purple uniforms look cool.

To the two Missouri baseball teams; the Cardinals and the Royals did upgrade this offseason. Jhonny Peralta(SS), Peter Bourjos(OF), and Mark Ellis(2B) for the Cards. Peralta looks to be a long term use until Pete Kozma or a farm player shows up which might be never. Bourjos might be right field as Oscar Taveras will jump over John Jay for center if the Heads think Taveras is ready for the responsibility. For Mark Ellis, some people think he is already Kolten Wong backup, possibly a good mentor for Wong.

As for the Royals; Omar Infante(2B), Norichika Aoki(OF), and Jason Vargas(P) top the upgrades list, but did they lose in a way? Outfield spot is still in a debate with bats v. fielding saga that has haunted the Royals in the past years. Adding Aoki might be a good short term solution to a team that has a lot of outfield potential. Jason Vargas will be a spring training decision on which he will be a starter or reliever. Omar Infante is the only solution to the second base debacle.

Cardinals will win the division again because 3-of-the-5 teams in the central are lacking, only the Pirates look dangerous. The Royals are really up-in-the-air, might repeat the 2013 season.

To conclude, I’ll give my shout outs to my teams and the teams to the upcoming events. GO Mizzou basketball and any mid-major around the area or funky name teams, Phoenix Suns, Florida State, Chargers/Colts/Saints/Packers/49ers, The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles and Vin Scully, Kansas City Royals; and to my 5-hats-in-counting, 11-time World Series Champions, the only mascot i ever seen with a world series ring, St. Louis Cardinals.

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