Craig Brown: Are you a fair weathered fan or do you still think Dayton Moore needs to go?

Last year you posted this article (part if it is pasted below). I didn't agree with you then and certainly do not agree with you now. Have your feelings changed?

Time for change: Fire Dayton Moore

Earlier this year, I laid out a case why Dayton Moore wasn't suited to be the General Manager of the Kansas City Royals. Among the evidence I presented was his infatuation with replacement level players, his inability to construct a coherent major league roster while misreading the markets and his complete failure on the player development front.

Taken together, it's a damning dossier of fail. The purpose of those posts was to build a list of my reasons I thought Dayton Moore wasn't a good general manager. It was to itemize his shortcomings, so that when the time came, I could return to those posts with more pointed commentary.

It's time.

Today, I'm calling for the firing of Dayton Moore.

This is not a position I take lightly. I want to make it clear this is nothing personal. This is about one man, his efforts to transform a franchise and his ultimate failure to make meaningful progress.

Moore gave it his best shot. I appreciate the effort. I appreciate the aggressive drafting, the bold strategies, the attempt to rebuild a sad-sack franchise. But seven years is enough. The failures, the excuses, the constant ineptitude are all things that add up over time. Progress was promised. It hasn't happened. And with Dayton Moore in charge it's clear it won't happen anytime soon.

It's time to clean house at One Kauffman Way.

In the end, it was Moore's failure to identify the problems with his Process and his inflexibility in addressing those problems he noticed which held the Royals back and prevented him from finding success as a general manager in Kansas City.

"I'm not talking about getting to .500, I'm talking about winning the World Series when I say eight to 10 years."

Dayton Moore
May 20, 2009

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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