OT: Royals Review 2014 NCAA Tournament Challenge

Who's ready for a tournament? Here's the basic info, I set up a RR Tourney Challenge group on ESPN, feel free to join. The group is simply called "Royals Review", and the password is "hosmer35". The winner gets a bottle of Billy's BBQ sauce. Since I need to get the word count to a certain point, here's some of my thoughts about the bracket.

A. Wichita State as a #1 seed is a complete joke. I know they're undefeated, but look at that schedule, they haven't played a Top 50 team since Dec 22nd.

B. Nice to see Kentucky go from #1 in the preseason to a #8 seed in the tournament. Great job media! Even with that said, I think Kentucky could beat the Shockers easily.

C. Why is everyone picking Michigan State to stroll to the Final 4? I know the media loves Izzo, but his is a team that just won back to back games for the first time since January this weekend. Plus, Delaware isn't terrible, wouldn't be shocked to see a good first round game there.

D. Don't understand how VCU got a #5 seed. Go look at who they beat this year, how is that a #5 seed? Seems like favoritism of teams that have recently made runs led to beneficial rankings for teams with weak schedules in VCU and WSU. I'd say VCU got the greater benefit of the doubt, and basically got their seed because they beat UVA in the second game of the year.

E. Syracuse plays a cupcake out of conference schedule every year, and is always somehow 19-0 or so before fading down the stretch. When is the NCAA going to realize this and stop rewarding Syracuse with Top 3 seeds?

F. Good to see George Washington in the tourney again. I went to a lot of GW games growing up, always a good time.

G. Harvard as a 12? Uh, what? The guys in Indianapolis obviously went with their gut and recency bias here. Again, I love how schedules count sometimes with the committee, but other times they don't.

H. Not to get Nebraska residents mad, but why did they make it in the field? One road win at Michigan State is impressive enough to overcome only having two road wins all year? Awful choice.

I. Love that Providence won the Big East. I like that program for no reason at all, I just do.

J. Finding a hard time finding a sleeper here, all I can come up with is Stephen F. Austin. Winning begets winning and all that BS.

K. Temple had their worst season in the 106 year program history. Owning a Mike Sweeney jersey would make me feel better than that fact.

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