The 3rd anniversary of my 2nd anniversary Taco Bell experience.

If you never do you'll never know.

Three years ago I decided to take on the noble task of the $11 Taco Bell challenge. Now we all know about this great challenge bestowed upon us by our own billybeingbilly and his comment can be found here and the account of my original endeavor can be read here. I have decided (and immediately regretted) to attempt this feat again despite being on a diet nearly all of this calender year... the things I do for you people.

This just got real.

It was a different time when billybeingbilly made that original comment. Americans still lived in fear of Osama Bin Laden, SBNation was a place where users generated content, Brian Bannister and Jose Guillen were Royals, we were still in the early stages of the Process, and $11 would get you a shitload of Taco Bell. Now $11 will still get you a shitload of Taco Bell, but it just doesn't go as far as it used, THANKS OBAMA!


You have chosen wisely.

Instead of trying to adjust for inflation I decided to purchase the same thing this year as I did on that day 3 years ago, which was 1 quesadilla, 1 crunchy taco, 2 burrito supremes and 1 large Pepsi. So now the $11 Taco Bell challenge has become the $12 Taco Bell challenge. Another thing that has changed since the inception of this meme is that I now own a scale, and the results of putting my Taco Bell purchase on my scale was not reassuring. The idea of eating nearly 2 lbs of Taco Bell is absolutely fucking bonkers, and yet I did it anyway. So much for having perfect blood pressure.


Im up for it if you are.

Mother of God, what have I gotten myself into... again!? I started with the crunchy taco and tackled it quick fast and in a hurry, smooth sailing thus far. After quickly devouring the Taco I moved onto the first burrito supreme and take it down rather quickly as well. I am now one taco and one burrito into my conquest and I am kind of surprised Im doing as well as I am, but after the second burrito supreme I begin to feel sluggish, but with only the chicken quesadilla remaining I am sure I will be able to finish... And of course I do manage to eat the chicken quesadilla as well, but half way through it I seriously had my doubts.

So there you have it folks, I have now taken down this challenge twice, and I'll be honest, I'm never doing it again. I've come too far on my diet to abuse myself to this kind of torture again. Should I perish in my sleep from excessive junk food to which I am no longer acclimated, I hope it wasn't in vain.

Good things always happen after midnight.

Tell that to my colon.


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