The creeping Red menace

When the state was blue. - Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Best Fans in Baseball are pushing westward. They must be stopped.

There is a menace spreading from the East. Counties are falling one by one. Capitulation is the norm. Surrender is inevitable. Yet the advance can be stopped. It must be stopped. The plundering hordes known as the (self-proclaimed) Best Fans in Baseball are charging our direction. The proof comes from Facebook (of course) and the New York Times. On Thursday, the Times published an interactive map of baseball's borders. Using data culled from Facebook, we can see the approaching red menace.

We often think of Columbia, Missouri as the dividing line. Makes sense, given that it's the geographic center between Kansas City and St. Louis. Except that's not the case.


Along I-70, the shift from Royals to Cardinal country occurs on the west side of Saline County. Overall, and sadly, Saline is still red. The first county along I-70 to throw the majority of their support is Lafayette County. Which is the county adjacent to Jackson County. Which is where the Truman Sports Complex is located. You get the picture.

This is what happens when you go 29-plus seasons without a post-season appearance. While the next closest team attends October with alarming regularity. This seems to be all part of the master plan of David Glass, known fan of the Cardinals. He's clearly a sleeper agent, bent on the destruction of the Royals Universe, one county at a time. At the current pace, Jackson County will be Cardinal Country by 2018. Or what will be Year 12 of the Dayton Moore Process.

And the Battle of Grass Creek? I hate to be the one to break this to you:


With this data, the temptation would be to turn our attention solely to the Eastern Front. But that would underestimate our resolve. We have the ability to contest on two fronts.

Never surrender. Be Royal, people. Be Royal.

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