Moustakas shows why the Royals are losers

Jamie Squire

This fanpost comes in just a touch late but it's still worth a read. Added a photo and edited the headline -ed.

If you're wondering why the Royals have gone nearly 30 years without a playoff appearance, look no farther than Mike Moustakas. No, Moustakas' horrendous offense hasn't singlehandedly caused 29 years' worth of frustration - but the Royals' front office's handling of his futility is emblematic of the mindset that has caused it.

The Royals, quite simply, are operating as a Triple-A team. Despite the prattlings of Dayton Moore that "It's time to win," the truth is that the Royals are still in the perpetual player development mode that has helped players like Carlos Beltran, Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Zack Grienke, Mark Ellis, and others achieve playoff success - with other organizations.

Frank White likes to tell the story of his first day up with the big league club in 1973. He was taken aside by Amos Otis, who said something like, "Kid, you just need to know this. We win here. Your job is to help us win. Never forget that." That was the attitude that permeated the organization now - but no more.

Today, it's "Kid, you just need to know this. We're losers here. Our main focus is on developing your tender psyche, and we'll do so with kid gloves. Don't worry about hitting or driving in runs; it's not like you'll get sent down."

Yes, the Royals are LOSERS. I'm speaking, by the way, of the front office and their decision making, not of the players. I have no doubt that the players want very badly to win. When a player is struggling, the primary thought in Dayton Moore's mind is, "What's best for the player?" instead of "What's best for this team and its record?" That, in a nutshell, is why we have 29 years of futility in KC.

And even if Moustakas is sent down, I think the conversation would go like this. Dayton would sit him down, look into his eyes, stroke his hair tenderly, and say, "Gee, Moosey, we have to send you to Omaha. But it's OK. Don't worry. The third base spot is yours, no matter how well that bad ol' Danny Valencia hits. I mean, I got him as a platoon player for a reason; it's not like I wanted you to have any real competition. Just do something - you know, hit in a couple of consecutive games or something, and you'll be right back up here." That, friends, is what a loser says.

A winning GM would say, "Well, Mike, it's time to send you down. We just can't waste the at-bats anymore; we're trying to win here. The third base job is Danny's. If you want it back, prove to us that it should be yours. The only way you'll prove it is by being completely dominant in Omaha. Good luck to you." And the winning GM would have had that conversation early last year, not now.

Every time Moustakas continues his futility at the plate, rest assured that the Royals are losers and built to stay that way.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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