Aramark Up to No Good

This post is more of a public service announcement than it is anything of substance because I know I appreciate any small tips and tricks when spending my time and money at Kaufman. The Mrs. and I headed out to the sports complex yesterday to enjoy the weather and baseball. The weather was great, baseball was not. We also made the decision to go ahead and get lunch at the stadium instead of eating at home or stopping on the way. As we were walking around prior to the game looking for food options, I was sucked in by the Fry Works concession stand along the 3rd base side.



The blue markings are the locations of the Fry Works concession stands. The black circles are the location of the FREE ranch and buffalo sauce.

Normally I'm a sucker for the mediocre BBQ in right field or the chicken strip basket that comes with fries. However, yesterday a section titled "Extreme Fries" caught my attention on the display behind the counter. They had chili and cheese fries, BBQ fries with pulled pork, a blue cheese offering, and a buffalo ranch. Not feeling the BBQ or chili and cheese (risky), I settled on the buffalo ranch fries. I place my order and pay my $7.50 and then turn to watch the server prepare my basket. She begins by squirting buffalo sauce all over the fries and then follows with ranch, looks good so far. As I'm anticipating what other toppings might be coming...she hands me the basket.

At this point I was a little flummoxed. The regular order of fries costs $5.00, this basket appeared to be the same amount of fries but with ranch and buffalo sauce on them for an extra $2.50. I thought maybe she forgot to add something but I didn't say anything.* With slumped shoulders, I took my fries and moved on with the wife out towards the Boulevard grill. This is where I got a little angry because as I walked up to get napkins from the condiment station, what do I see in the tubs in the middle of the station? A tub of buffalo sauce and a tub of ranch.

So I paid an extra $2.50 for condiments on top of my fries that are freely available just 100 yards away. Take this post as a public service announcement, do not be suckered by the buffalo ranch extreme fries.

*I confirmed with a different worker that my original order was accurate, ranch and buffalo sauce only.

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