Royals Rumblings - News for June 5, 2014

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With the first pick in the draft, the Royals select....Adele Nazeem.

Royals Rumblings - News for June 5, 2014

As assembled by Royals Review staff:

Big Game James? Shields has given up 20 runs over his last four starts for a 6.39 ERA. Sean Keeler of Fox Sports Kansas City argues Shields will get through his funk soon enough.

The verdict Tuesday was that the fastball was up, the changeup was flat and the slider was kind of all over the place. Which then begs the question: How do you fix it? Slight tweak? Mechanical overhaul? Deepak Chopra?

"I think we can definitely work out of the bullpen (on the side)," Shields said. "I just got to get back to honing my delivery, fine-tuning my craft. "As a pitcher, sometimes, you're going to go through those stints. Hopefully, it's not back-to-back like it has been. I don't know. I'm pretty good at coming back and having some good outings after bad ones."

Dayton gets needy:

Oh dear, I am picturing Dayton standing outside George's bedroom with a boombox blaring "In Your Eyes."

Jon Heyman lists Ned Yost as a manager on the hot seat in his latest column.

The draft is tonight and we'll have lots of coverage today to read. checks in on last year's first round draft class. The Royals' Hunter Dozier is one of the better success stories, thus far. Remember, they were linked to Phil Bickford and Marco Gonzales before the draft.

Mock drafts, mock draft, mock drafts! I mock these drafts! They are ridiculous!

Baseball America Mock Draft

Jim Callis Mock Draft

Keith Law Mock Draft (INSIDER)

Baseball Prospectus Mock Draft

CBS Sports Mock Draft Community Mock Draft

How has this shirt not been made available at the Royals team store?

50 Cent blamed his bad ceremonial pitch on, er, um, well, just read. Maybe this is an explanation for James Shields' woes, I don't know.

The Stanley Cup Finals are a thing, and they are being played right now! The Stanley Cup is a form of "hockey" (proncounced "HA-kee"). Here's a preview from Grantland.

I prefer this alternate ending to last Sunday's "Game of Thrones" (warning spoilers in link).

Tonight is the MLB Draft, so today's sonng of the day is Cheap Trick's 1977 hit, "I Want You to Want Me".

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