Royals on the mid-season Top 50 prospect lists

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All four of the "major" prospect sites that do mid-season rankings have published their rankings. These four in no ranking or particular order are: ESPNBaseball AmericaBaseball Prospectus, and John Sickels.

As expected, the Royals landed prospects on all four lists. This comes as no surprise as the Royals have a strong farm system. They aren't as strong as say the Twins and Cubs, but still maintain likely a Top-15 farm system. This offseason Baseball Prospectus ranked the Royals as the 7th best system in baseball. From last years system only Yordano Ventura has since graduated, and five of the ten players ranked in the Top-10 Talent Under 25 list are still in the system. All things considered it would be hard to project this list to fall out of the Top-15 and possible with the injection of some of this years draft talent it may remain Top-10.

On Keith Law's list we find Kyle Zimmer (#21) and Raul Mondesi (#24).

Baseball America landed Raul Mondesi at #22, Kyle Zimmer at #26, and Hunter Dozier at #39.

Baseball Prospectus liked Raul Mondesi at #28 and Miguel Almonte at #50.

John Sickels goes a little further than 50, up to 75, and he's included Kyle Zimmer at #53, Raul Mondesi at 56, Hunter Dozier at #68, and Sean Manaea at 69 with Miguel Almonte and Christian Binford getting honorable mentions.

Below, I have painfully exhausted myself compiling all the lists into a spreadsheet then importing said spreadsheet into this very text. It was a very long process and I expect to be properly remunerated by SB Nation.

Name BA BP ESPN Sickels
Zimmer 26 N/A 21 53
Mondesi 22 28 24 56
Dozier 39 N/A N/A 68
Manaea N/A N/A N/A 69
Almonte N/A 50 N/A HM
Binford N/A N/A N/A HM

Ugly import format on that list. My sincerest apologies.

Finally below, for the authors own enjoyment and possible penance, is his Top-50 midseason list compared to the four above listed lists.

Name ESPN Sickels BP BA
Kris Bryant 1 1 3 2
Oscar Taveras 4
Byron Buxton 2 3 1 1
Carlos Correa 3 2 2 3
Dylan Bundy 12 16 8 10
Lucas Giolito 14 12 7 11
Javier Baez 8 15 5 7
Addison Russel 4 5 6 5
Jon Gray 7 10 11 8
Francisco Lindor 6 7 4 6
Noah Syndergaard 16 14 9 19
Taij Walker 8
Hunter Harvey 13 39 21 31
Miguel Sano 11 20 16 9
Corey Seager 5 19 19 16
Archie Bradley 9 18 14 12
Albert Almora 57 37
Robert Stephenson 36 13 10 20
Joc Pederson 22 29 17 18
Brady Aiken
Joey Gallo 18 6 13 4
Julio Urias 17 21 15 13
Tyler Glasnow 20 26 31 21
Clint Frazier 50 42
Jorge Alfaro 31 75 25 45
Kyle Zimmer 21 53 26
Jameson Taillon 38 26 24
Henry Owens 23 17 40 15
Carlos Rodon 10
Alex Jackson 43
David Dahl 35 33 24 28
Raimel Tapia 35
JP Crawford 15 28 36 23
Raul Mondesi 24 56 28 22
Kohl Stewart 19 49 27 30
Jose Berrios 50 27 41 27
Austin Meadows 40 43
Alex Meyer 42 25 12 32
Jorge Soler 28 24
Hunter Dozier 68 39
Arismendy Alcantara 34 18 33
Austin Hedges 52 20 17
Jesse Winker 32 42 29
Sean Manaea 69
Stephen Piscotty 30 49
Dan Norris 37 35 33 25
Braden Shipley 26 47 23 36
Blake Swihart 27 23 22 14
Aaron Sanchez 22 29

And below for your visual pleasure is the same list, but color coded. Green means I was within five spots of the list ranking, yellow means I was within ten spots, and red means I was outside of ten spots off.


That's a lot of red at the bottom, but that can be deceiving.

Take for instance Aaron Sanchez. When you look at Sickels and BP they had him in the 20-30 range, but for BA and ESPN he didn't even make the list. Baseball America said Sanchez was one of the last guys cut so putting him at the 51-55 range makes sense and he would have likely been green.

When it comes to prospect lists the last 35 or so are up in the air. Stephen Piscotty was 30th on one list and 49th on another and unranked on two. Hunter Dozier was 39th, 68, and unranked.

Look at the range on Arismendy Alcantara. He's as high as 18th on BP and unranked on Keith Law's list.

Austin Hedges is even more exaggerated as he's 17th on BA, 20th on BP, 52nd on Sickels, and unranked on ESPN. So he's either a Top 20 prospect or not...

Clearly I wasn't high enough on Blake Swihart, and too high on Albert Almora and Clint Frazier.

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