Royals Need a Wake-Up Call

The Royals' performance last night against the Twins was an unmitigated disaster. It was unquestionably one of the worst I've ever seen. Walks, stupid errors, mental mistakes, wild pitches, a worthless offense, you name it. The game was so painful to watch, I doubt many Royals fans made it past the 5th inning.

All athletes have an off night from time to time, and every team has the occasional bad game. This was more than just a bad game, though. This was a downright fiasco, and the team should be embarrassed. Hopefully it will serve as a wake up call.

This team has so many problems, and a lot of them are off the field. One thing in particular that has bothered me since way back in Spring training is the fact that they seem both complacent and delusional. Hell, you couldn't possibly be complacent on this team without being delusional.

"The players doused him with water – they insisted they would not waste beer for such a celebration — as the stereo system’s bass pulsed and a strobe light flashed through the room."

That's from an article written on June 15, right after the Royals beat the White Sox. The guy being doused with water was Ned, who the team deemed "player of the game." Ned was ejected in the bottom of the 1st inning that day. It was his 3rd ejection this season...and he's not a player.

Here's another one from an article written on June 30th, just two nights ago:

"Sitting in his office about 10 feet away from the Kansas City Royals' locker room, manager Ned Yost's voice was nearly drown out by the thunderous hip hop music blaring and the full-throated cackling from his players in the next room"

The Royals had just won their 4th game out of the previous 11.

Here's what Billy Butler had to say last month, right before the series against Detroit:

"Obviously, we’re the hotter team coming in," Butler said. "One of the hottest teams in baseball, if not the hottest."

This was before the Royals had their 2 day stint in first place, and they had yet to win a single game against Detroit. They also had a worse record than at least 8 other teams in MLB.

Here's a gem from Eric Hosmer, written in the same article as that Billy quote:

"We need to have this same swagger going into Detroit," Hosmer said. "If we make a statement like we did here [in Cleveland], that’s big."

Swagger? Strobe lights? The hottest team in baseball?? Are these guys completely out of their minds??

The Royals won 86 games last year, finishing 3rd in the AL Central. A nice season, sure, but they didn't make the post-season and didn't win jack squat! Now, to be dancing around, blasting music and popping champagne every time they win a game? What a bunch of buffoons! I'm embarrassed for them.

While the Royals were busy getting their asses kicked by the last place Twins, and doing no damage against the worst pitcher in all of baseball (statistically), the Tigers took their second win from the first-place A's and extended their lead in the AL Central to 4 1/2 games.

As the great Bob Knight once said,

"Complacency is always going to lose, particularly when complacency is confronted by somebody energetic, and somebody really working to prove a point."

No team has more to prove than the Kansas City Royals, and no team should be less complacent.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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