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Chicago Fans Happy to See Chris Getz Return


The Chris Getz fan club watched their hero back in Chicago

Royals Lose To Sox Again, But Its Okay, Because They're Young


Its unclear why they're even keeping track of the score anymore on Royals broadcasts because the score doesn't matter this year, its the future that counts. At the end of the season, after the...

Demote Moose


The Royals need to send the touted slugger back to Omaha to rediscover his swing.

Big Inning Isn't Enough As Royals Fall to White Sox


Postgame bullets:   Not sure how this game falls one way or the other with regard to our narrative about Hochevar now being good. Something of a meh night, at least from the boxscore (I was out at...


Saturday Night Open Thread - Royals at White Sox

I labelled last night's game Game 120, but it wasn't. Tonight is. For the diehard Royals fans who are left following this team closely night after night, the appeal of tonight's game is a chance to...

Royals Defeat White Sox 5-1, End Losing Streak


The last time Melky hit an insurance home run in the 9th the Royals found a way to lose. Not tonight. Weird game. The Royals ran all over the diamond, which I'm sure Yost loved and was talked about...


Game 120 Open Thread - Royals (49-69) at White Sox (58-59)

I used to be mildly interested in Bruce Chen starts. Meh.  Don't worry, Francoeur is starting against a right-handed pitcher. Enjoy watching outs. Friday music recommendation: Joe Ely - Behind the...

Following The Royals Top Prospects: 8/5-8/11


A summary on how the Royals top prospects performed last week.


Kyle Davies; the Man, the Miff, the Legend - A Retrospective

Kyle Davies' tenure with the Royals has come to an end (at least for now.  Who knows?  He may be the Suppan of 2020), and it ended on a rather inauspicious note.  Putting that aside, it would only...

The Young Royals


The Royals finally have a youth movement.

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