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Your Royals All-Time Win Shares Update

Retro's pre-2007 ranking of the 100 Greatest Royals in his terrific retrospective series is based on Win Shares and "slight adjustments" according to subjective analysis. A quick review: Retro's...

Things I Do During A Baseball Season: Start Passively Rooting For A Random Team


Every season fate ends up delivering to me a team, or two, or three, that I will passively start rooting for. By that I mean, I become about half-aware of their place in the standings and each...

Roster-Setting Deadline Day Royals Links: A Royal Passion


Royals: It's a decision day for the Royals | The Star's Blog on the Royals and Baseball Rule 5 Protection - Royals Authority Minor League Profile RHP Steven Shell and OF Brett Carroll " Royals...

Negative WAR and the Royals - Results


Negative WAR and the Royals

Joakim Soria Finishes 10th In Cy Young Voting


Someone gave Joakim Soria a surprise 4th place vote in the 2010 Cy Young Voting. That gave Soria two points in the voting system, producing a 10th place finish. Soria finished ahead of Francisco...

Will Greinke Get Any Down-Ballot American League Cy Young Votes?


The American League Cy Young Award Winners will be announced this afternoon. Much of the drama surrounds the case of Felix Hernandez and whether someone can win with an unimpressive W-L record. The...

Will Zack Greinke Actually Be Traded?


The Royals trading away their Cy Young winner isn't as likely as it seems.

Should We Give Up on Chris Getz?


Chris Getz took a step back in 2010. Does he have a future in the Major Leagues?

Royals Sign Reliever Steven Shell To A Minor League Contract


Things we know about Steven Shell: His parents went with "Steven" over "Stephen". Interesting. They chose to use the false but now acceptable full-spelling of the common shortening of the original...

Production By Batting Order Position on the 2010 Royals


The 2010 Royals hit their best hitter #3 most of the time, which is right in line with standard baseball thinking. Other than that... Split PA BA OBP SLG OPS ▾ ...

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