Chemistry Isn't Everything---Until It Is


You can rely on certain players to demonstrate the value of chemistry---or at least addition by subtraction. Pierzynski is not a great case from whom to make generalizations. But I'm sure you can substitute other names to build an argument from the sum of anecdotes. Here's a longish-but-telling passage:


But the Red Sox couldn't hit, and Pierzynski at least represented an opportunity for some offense. Wednesday, it was deemed that dynamic wasn't worth keeping him around. Prior to the Sox' win, a group of about six or so players gathered over by where Pierzynski's locker used to be, including a few position players. Later, one of the participants revealed it was the first time this year that he had hung out over in the corner, where the lockers of Ross, Jake Peavy and Jon Lester also resided. Listening to voices throughout the room, it was clear the catcher's exit had opened previously closed doors in that room. While some murmurs of these issues had circulated throughout the season (surfacing a bit in an article written by the Herald's John Tomase), the Red Sox players were trying to put on a good face in regard to Pierzynski's presence all the way up until he was designated for assignment. But after the team's latest turnover, the time had come to take stock of what was an experience unlike something many veterans had ever dealt with. It's over. But, judging by voices heard Wednesday night, it's probably something that should have never started in the first place.

And you were worried!


Poor Aoki.

Jonah Keri on Royals (ok on the Giants, but see the rankings) Luck


This concept of "cluster luck" was new to me, but it looks like the Royals have been very lucky so far this season. At least Seattle has been too, because it has been hard to see them beating us in the WC standings.

Rich Eisen lurks on Royals Review


Genius headline: Royals Let Down Paul Rudd. @BigSlickKC

— Rich Eisen (@richeisen) June 21, 2014

Eric Hosmer, posterized


I've been a fan of Chris Sembower's work (often featured at Arrowhead Pride) and this is the first thing I've seen him do on the Royals. Can't wait for more.

God is most certainly involved in the Royals 10 game winning streak


Royals take 1st, in pictures


"Get a load of this." We've collected a few of our favorite pictures from the June 17th destruction of the Tigers for you to enjoy. Click to see them.

Article regarding great left side defense


I thought this might be something about the Royals, but its about the Orioles which almost sounds like Royals. Surprised to see Alcides ranked so low among his peers.

Schoenfield Hot on Royals


None of the piece's content is earth-shattering. But here are some fun excerpts: 1. "To say this is the biggest series the Royals have played in years isn't an overstatement; even during last year's feel-good season the closest they got to first place after June 1 was 4.5 games." ...I didn't realize this. 2. "The Royals are 0-5 against the Tigers this season, getting hammered 32-12 in the process. " ...Ugly. 3. "Are the Royals just hot at the plate right now or are they finally progressing toward their true talent level?" ...Great question, and Schoenfeld tries to answer it. 4. "The numbers suggest a few players may show slight improvement; I guess the good news is that nobody is over performing expectations by much and the Royals have still gone 36-32." ...Okay, true. But what of Schoenfield's earlier point about volatility in projections for young players? - TL


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