Schoenfield Hot on Royals


None of the piece's content is earth-shattering. But here are some fun excerpts: 1. "To say this is the biggest series the Royals have played in years isn't an overstatement; even during last year's feel-good season the closest they got to first place after June 1 was 4.5 games." ...I didn't realize this. 2. "The Royals are 0-5 against the Tigers this season, getting hammered 32-12 in the process. " ...Ugly. 3. "Are the Royals just hot at the plate right now or are they finally progressing toward their true talent level?" ...Great question, and Schoenfeld tries to answer it. 4. "The numbers suggest a few players may show slight improvement; I guess the good news is that nobody is over performing expectations by much and the Royals have still gone 36-32." ...Okay, true. But what of Schoenfield's earlier point about volatility in projections for young players? - TL

Yadier Molina accidentally destroys Aoki with this throw


What a scary moment. Luckily Aoki wasn't hurt. (or admitted it).

I demand that Kauffman looks like this forever more


This looks so damn good. Best thing about the Royals this year?

Umpires: A Modest Proposal


A fanpost from Lookout Landing describing an ingenious plan to improve the accuracy of MLB umpires' strike zones. Bud Selig should definitely consider this solution.

Bad timing, or BEST TIMING?


Oh Dayton. You couldn't have waited until Seitzer wasn't sitting on the opposing bench?

Who do you think is dominating this conversation?


Want to learn how to win every conversation? HERE.

Five Facts About The Royals May Hitting

  1. As of May 27th, the Royals are hitting 244ba/297obp/329slg. Their OPS is .627 in May. They have hit 9 home runs
  2. The last month the Royals OPSed under .630? September 1992. The worst OPS in a month for the Royals? .589 in September 1974
  3. Last time the Royals OBPed under .300 in a month? Not last May. June 2009, when the Royals OBPed .289 for an entire month. The team has OBPed under .300 in a month 3 times since the Strike, twice in 2005 (April/August) and June 2009
  4. Last time the Royals hit less than 10 HRs in a full month? June 1992, when the Royals hit 9 home runs in an entire month. This has happened 8 times in full months in Franchise History
  5. The last time the Royals slugged *above* .400 in a month? July 2012. 10 consecutive months of a team SLG under .400

Play It Forward


I'm at the game tonight, and I don't have any real feelings about either of these songs. Which should I vote for?

Here's a fantastic photo from last night's game.


ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 23: Norichika Aoki #23 of the Kansas City Royals reacts after being hit by a pitch in the seventh against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on May 23, 2014 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Royals Announce 2015 Slogan


The Royals just released their slogan for the upcoming 2015 baseball season.

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