Mike Moustakas has arrived in Venezuela, will start playing tomorrow


Quotes from the official Twitter of the Cardenales de Lara, and translated from Spanish to English via Google (although the original comments were in English, so I think Moustakas is getting translated from English to Spanish to English again, so yay):

"I'm excited and focused to start playing tomorrow. Andrew Lambo has told me all about this league" (''Estoy emocionado y enfocado en comenzar a jugar mañana. Andrew Lambo me ha hablado mucho de esta liga'')

"Salvador Perez and Pedro Grifol told me how strong the played here and I have to start producing fast" (''Salvador Pérez y Pedro Grifol me comentaron lo fuerte que se juega aqui y debo empezar a producir rápido'')

"It would be ideal to play with Alcides Escobar. He is a great shortstop. With Lambo and me, we've had a great friendship since age 7" (''Sería ideal jugar con Alcides Escobar. Es un gran campocorto. Con Lambo me une una gran amistad desde los 7 años'')

Red Sox are stealing the Royals old slogans


I saw this on MLB Network earlier today. Just shameful.

So I guess we can eliminate Kolten Wong


since we all hate pickoffs so much

How far did Rocky actually run in his famous training montage


how far did Rocky actually run in the famous training montage that ends on the steps of the Philly art museum?? anyone wanna guess???? jeopardy . . . . . theme . . . . . music . . . . answer: What is 30.61 miles!! link to the Philly Magazine story in 1st response below.

had lunch at Camden Yards yesterday


we sat outside at the restuarant thats in the warehouse buiding beyond the right filed bleachers. when we sat down i noticed several round plaques in the concrete in the street between the bleachers and the warehouse. looked over a few feet from our table at the closest plaque and saw this: apparently when someone hits a home run out of the stadium onto the street, they put a plaque in the concrete where the ball landed. the most impressive one is the plaque on the side of the warehouse wall, hit by Griffey Jr.

Royal GM Winning %'s Over the Years


Nice graphic by Aaron:

Royals Announce Replacement for Frenchy Quarter (for reals this time)


Just saw this on the Royals Facebook. Someone around here called the "Lough Places" one I'm pretty sure. What would you vote?

It has been said that the National League has more fun.


A home run would have been better, but this is still great.

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