End of the Affair: A Letter to David Glass in the Style of Graham Greene

It's another one of those things. It is just over there, not over here.

Rebuilding the Angels Farm System

Interesting piece on how the Angels plan to rebuild their farm system. "The system still lacks high draft picks, still suffers from underinvestment in Latin America, still requires three, five, maybe seven years to assess." but "When Jerry Dipoto took over as GM, he said, 'The analytics department is [now] baseball ops.' Sabermetrics, in other words, would be part of everything the front office did -- including player development."

Royals Claim Jimmy Paredes from Orioles, Designate Cleto.

Is this a Boner replacement or Dayton just tinkering around? There still isn't really a legitimate backup SS on the roster unless Ciriaco counts.

Theo has a new Boner?

Looks like the stuff about Darwin Barney could really have been legit. I can't believe Dayton couldn't get that trade done.

Can an athlete be streaky -- this study thinks so

"Strikingly, we find recent performance is highly significant in predicting performance in all ten statistical categories that we examine. In all cases, being "hot" in a statistic makes one more likely to perform well in the same statistic. A recent history on the order of about 25 at bats, which equals about 5 games or close to one week for the average hitter, has the most predictive power over the next at bat. Furthermore these effects are of a significant magnitude: for instance, a 30 percent increase in the number of times that a batter has gotten on base in the last 25 at bats predicts a 5% increase in the likelihood of getting on base in the next at bat, after controlling for all other explanatory variables."

Alex Gordon celebrates turning 30 with Jeremy Guthrie & Justin Timberlake

From the TMZ branch of Royals Review.

What kind of prospects were today's MLB stars?

A nice post over at letsgotribe looking at the prospect rankings of the top MLB players. "Not every top prospect becomes a star, but most stars were once top prospects."

Royals ranked 18th according to ESPN

Well on the positive side, apparently we only need to get 31 more runs and allow the exact same amount to get to 90 wins. Go Dayton!

Jamie Moyer has a Steamer projection

1 IP, 4.10 ERA. New market inefficiency is 50 year old players.

Baseball Prospectus 2014 Top 101 Prospects List

12. Ventura 29. Mondesi 34. Zimmer 46. Almonte 78. Manaea 96. Dozier 99. Bonifacio

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