"Downturn? It’s two games. … That’s what starts it, is you guys saying that stuff. We’re fine. It’s two games. We’ll come back (today), get a good win off Verlander, get a lot of momentum running into San Diego."

Eric Hosmer on the ability of the sports media to induce Kansas City Royals downturns

Game VII Overflow - Rays 0, Royals 0, Top of 7th


Young flamethrowers duel. Looks to be transferring over to the Royals bullpen as the 7th gets underway. Ventura's line: 6.0 IP, 6 K, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 95 pitches

Opening Day Overflow thread


KC leading 3-1 heading into the bottom of the sixth. Salvador Perez is the best. The Royals defense and James Shields have picked up where they left off last year. Our fearless leader is trying to start a movement #ThePlunger.

Albert Belle - "The most intriguing team is Kansas City".


I’ve been watching the MLB Network and they’re doing the 30 Teams in 30 Days and probably the most intriguing team is Kansas City. Everybody’s predicting them to squeak in there and make the playoffs. The thing about the Detroit Tigers is what are you going to get out of Justin Verlander — is he going to return to Cy Young form or is he going to be a barely .500 pitcher, you just never know. So there’s a lot of intrigue in that American League Central...

Say hello to your 4th Starter


"I think we're going into (spring training) with Bruce having one of the five spots, I'm going into it with the mindset that you can't evaluate Bruce in spring training. He's not one of those kind of guys that can go in and compete because he's not a spring training pitcher. But once the bell rings, he's been phenomenal for us. He's been as consistent as anyone can be. You know what you're getting with Bruce. You're going to get six or seven really solid innings and he's going to keep you in the game. Unless something really dramatically happens between now and then, Bruce will probably have one of those five spots."

Ned Yost as quoted by Jeffrey Flanagan.

For reference, the Ned quote when Mendoza beat out Chen for the 5th spot from the 3/26/2013 KC Star:

"Mendy had a better spring, He’s a better guy right now. The reason for that is Bruce, like most veteran players, has been a little slow to get it going in spring training. Starting the season, we wanted to put the guys out there who were doing the best in spring training. I’m not saying that won’t change somewhere down the road because the more we get deeper into it, who knows what is going to happen? But that’s where we’re starting"

You can't evaluate Bruce in Spring Training except when you can.



Sporting has included fans in their process, everything from asking whether an exhibition game should be at Arrowhead (lower prices) or Sporting Park (more intimate experience) to Heineman tapping kegs in the parking lot.....When the team made cash-only lines at concession stands, fans were confused, complained, and the next game those lines were gone....This kind of fan-centric prioritizing plays well in all demographics, young and old, tech-heads and technophobes, Northland and Leawood.

Dutton on Hosmer Long-Term Talks


Hosmer says no talks w/#Royals on long-term deal: "I’m locked in for another 4 years, and we have guys whose contracts expire before mine."

Bob Dutton on Twitter

Bill James thinks Royals are the only non-stats team


Bill, are there any teams that don’t make use of the new advanced metrics. If not, which teams were the last holdout? I think the Royals are the last holdout.

Bill James Online



Wanted to publicly thank Dayton Moore for a great 2013.There is not a GM more dedicated to team & its players on personal level. #CLASS

— Jeremy Guthrie (@TheRealJGuts) October 1, 2013

Brian Bannister on the most important pitching stat


"The most useful stat when you’re out there on the mound is your zone-contact percentage. I think it’s a huge contributor to your long-term success. The better the pitches are, and the more swings-and-misses in the zone, is what differentiates a pitcher with an ERA in the threes and a pitcher with an ERA over 4.00.
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