Royals >> Goldman Sachs

Many financial entities are worth more on their own than the entire industry of baseball. So why is it that the Kansas City Royals have a much better idea of what a their left-handed middle reliever is worth than Goldman Sachs does of its semiconductor trader? Because the Royals know how to collect, analyze and interpret data.

Trading Bases by Joe Peta


The Kansas City Royals’ No. 3 through No. 6 hitters have six homers all year … by far the lowest total in baseball. -Joe Posnanski

Game 27 Overflow Thread

It's nice to watch a game and come to the realization the team you cheer for is better than the opponent. I'm still not sure if that says more about the Royals or the White Sox.

Royals 2013 Season PPD Due to Inclement Weather

Said Dayton Moore, "It snowed in May and now it's raining and fuckin' freezing out there. Also Miguel Cabrera. So, uh, fuck it. See y'all next year." The Royals 2013 season is scheduled to be made up in a day-night double-season in 2014. The new CBA rules will allow teams to carry 26 players for both halves of the double-season.

Overflow Thread

This has been a strange game. Royals attempting to hold on after coming back from a 6-1 deficit.

Boom, Yosted

Yost on letting moose swing 3-0 count bases loaded. "I wanted 4 not just 1. He got a sac fly so we got the 1 anyway. Same result"

Jeremy Jagoda on twitter. #boomyosted

2B trade possibilities

Who would you want or other (like who with reasonable chance of being traded?): Chase Utley or Robinson Cano. Also, who would you give up for those two? I'm thinking someone like jason adams assuming he rights the ship.

Game 18 Overflow Thread

The game started two hours ago. It is now the bottom fifth inning. The Royals currently trail 7-5.


We've got some guys who haven't got really untracked yet. When they do, it's going to be a fun little venture."

Thank you Bob Dutton for giving Yost's exact quote. I see at least three mistakes in either grammar or word usage (including one made up word). If I were writing a novel with a coach character and had him speak like this, it would seem trite and stereotypical. And yet it is reality. Thanks, Ned.
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