Royals 2013 Game Preview

Game 160 Preview: Royals vs. White Sox

Hey, we're going to finish ahead of those South Side slobs!

The First 2013 Series Which Doesn't Matter

It took a while this year.

Good-bye Seattle, Good-bye Ervin, Good Night 2013

The Mariners and Royals look to finish out the three game set tonight in Seattle.

Chen, Paxton Duel in Latest Battle for Grass Creek

Will all that is good in the world (the Sino-Panamanian Sensation) win out against the scion of a great polygamist? So much in the Battle for Grass Creek rides on the outcome of this match-up.

Time to throw fire

The Royals need seven wins. There are seven games remaining. Play ball.

Game 153 Preview: Rangers vs. Royals

The Rangers are in full meltdown mode. Is it enough to cost them a post-season spot?

After Tonight, There Might Not Be a Tomorrow

The Royals' margin for error in the Wild Card race is down to zero.

Yordano Ventura's Quest Reaches the Biggest Stage

With great power comes great responsibility.

Ned Yost: Manager Provocateur

Surpise: Ned Yost is costing his team ballgames in September in a pennant race.

Game 148 Preview - Royals vs. Tigers

The Royals really need to win today's game to stay in the Wild Card race.


Game 147 Preview: Royals vs. Tigers

We've stuck with the Royals for so many losses. Why are we fans?

Royals Look to Topple The Racists

The Kansas City Nine travels to Cleveland in an attempt to send the Racists running into the hills. Can the Royals usher us into a post-Racial world?

Royals revisit scene of the crime

Hello, Cleveland

Game 142 Preview - Royals vs. Tigers

Justin Verlander vs. Danny Duffy part deux

Game 141 Preview: Tigers vs. Royals

If the Royals are going to make a move for the post-season, now is the time to do it.

Royals Look To Take Fourth In A Row

Game Three versus the Mariners in September and we are scoreboard watching.

Game 134 Preview: Royals vs. Blue Jays

The Blue Jays were supposed to be contenders, and now they're pretenders. That rhymes.

Lazy Afternoon Game Preview for Royals and Twins

Beating the Twins is so much fun

Royals look to keep rolling against Twins

A resurgent Royals club (again) opens a six game road trip in Minneapolis against the Twins.

Wil Myers says hello

Wil Myers and the Rays drop by to remind us what could have been.

Game 128 Preview - Royals vs. Nationals

A loss today pushes the Royals back to .500

Royals vs. Nationals Game Preview

The Nats and Royals each made blockbuster moves for pitchers in successive winters. One got it right, the other got it wrong. I'l let you guess which is which.

Royals Will Try to Hold off Sweep by Lowly White S

It was the best of times, now it is the worst of times.

Royals Look To Turn The Tide Tonight

If there is no clock in baseball, what is that ticking sound?

Royals, Santana Look to Throttle Lowly Pale Hoes

Santana and Danks engage in a battle of epic proportions. We will never be the same.

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