Royals 2013 Game Recaps

Royals go softly into the spring night


Two hits. That's about all you need to know. Two lousy hits. Maybe the Royals best chance came in the fourth when Eric Hosmer doubled and took third on a wild pitch. And Billy Butler struck out. ...

Yordano Ventura Looks Dominant in Royals 5-0 Win


Yordano Ventura Day was well worth the wait.

Royals Drop Series in Cleveland, Lose 5-1


We're just three weeks in and its already been a roller-coaster of a season.

Royals victorious in regular season finale


It's the Royals first win in a regular season finale in seven years.

Royals lose 6-5 in homer-happy affair


One homer too many for the White Sox.

Mariners Extinguish Royals' Flame, 4 - 0.


Bill Paxton's progeny dismantles Royals systematically and completely.

Maxwell hits walk-off grand slam, Royals win in 10


A great win to finish the year at Kauffman Stadium.

Fans show up, offense does not: Royals fall 3-1


So that's why Texas traded for Matt Garza.

Hope is Still Alive; Royals Win Thrilling 2-1 Game


Alcides Escobar was sensational tonight, with amazing defensive plays and even more amazing, a bases-loaded walk to win the game.

Royals trash Cleveland, stay alive


Win and survive for another day.


Racists Get To Royals' Pen, Undo Ventura's Work


Perhaps inspired by their unencumbered leader, the Royals pen squanders the lead as Ned Yost watches on. It seems like this might have happened once before.

Royals deploy the strikeout, destroy Cleveland


Now 2.5 games back in the Wild Card.

Royals fall 3-2, Yost continues to befuddle


Sunday's loss provided more ammunition for the anti-Yost brigade.

Rotation Shuffle Fails; Chen and Royals Lose 6-3


Uncle Ned's rotation shuffling blows up in his face as Bruce Chen lays an egg in a crucial loss to Detroit.

Shields lives up to nickname, Royals win 6-2


Another key victory for the Royals.

Royals Defeat McAllister and the Racists


Guthrie hit hard often but luck was on his side. Li'l Hercules hangs dong. Royals gain ground in the Wild Card race.

Royals rally, fall short in heartbreaker


It turns out solo home runs do hurt. Same for questionable pinch hitting tactics.

Royals win series finale 5-2 against Tigers


The hunt for Blue October is still alive.

Royals win 4-3, within 3.5 games of Wild Card


Salvador Perez has seven homers in his past 21 games.

Big Game James Lit Up as Royals Trounced by Tigers


Shields gives up a career high fourteen hits and ten runs as the Tigers route the Royals.

Moose Tacos! Moose Walk-Off Blast Wins Game in 13


Say what you will about our slim chances, but this team ain't quittin'.

Royals Drop Costly Game


This one really hurts.

Royals edge Mariners, stay Wild Card relevant


Every night it's a little more real.

Smith saves the day


Duffy falls on his gnar.

Royals avoid sweep, cruise to easy 5-0 victory


Not even the umpires could mess with James Shields on Sunday.

Bullpen, offense falter in Royals 4-2 loss


Another disappointing game and close loss.

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