Kansas City Royals Minor Leagues

2010 Early Draft Preview

We are 4 1/2 months away from the draft and about a month away form the college baseball season.   I thought I would take a look at who some of the likely contenders are for the Royals top pick.  T...

Royals Review Final Community Prospect List

The Royals Review Community puts together a Top 10 Prospect List for the Royals.

Royals Review Community Prospect: #10

The Bianchi supporters finally get their day.  I know some folks have been voting for him for some time.  If this past vote is any indication, there should be quite a fight for the #10 spot. I'm...

Royals Review Community Prospect List: #9

The last vote was, indeed, a close one.  Noel Arguelles edged Jeff Bianchi 40% to 38%.  Now we move on to Prospect #9.  I've added Jordan Parraz and Kila Kaaihue since somebody asked for him in the...

Royals Top Prospects: Overview

We've covered the Royals Top 60 Prospects. The state of the Royals Minor League system defies a one or two word synopsis.  The system is deep, young, toolsy, and risky.  They lack elite talent (at...

Royals Review Community Prospect List: #8

The last couple of polls have been blowouts.  Tim Melville won the last poll easily with 52% of the vote. I think this vote is going to be a lot closer but we'll see. As before, the choices are...

Royals Top 30 Prospects: #6-1

We made it.  Here it is: The Top 6 7 Prospects in the Royals system.  I still plan one more post-next week-that will cover the state of the system and break down our prospects in some different...

Royals Review Community Prospect List: #7

I am back from my trip and we can now resume our prospect list.  There is the pleasant surprise of having a brand new name to throw into the mix: Cuban LHP Noel Arguelles.  I hope to have the final...

Royals Top 30 Prospects: #12-7

Here are prospects #12-7.  This is where things get really fun as we get to players who you can dream on some.  The next installment will, of course, cover #6-1.  Unfortunately, it won't happen...

Royals Review Community Prospect List: #6

We move on to Prospect #6.  If my math is right, whoever wins this poll should have 42% of the vote.  I'll have prospects #12-7 up tomorrow. As before, the choices are listed alphabetically and you...

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