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D-backs get Dunn from Reds for three prospects


A third rounder recovering from Tommy John surgery and two players to be named later? Now I hate Omar even more!

How the A.D.D. generation led to the best trade deadline ever


"It seems that losing is not an option for anyone anymore, even for the Pirates, who haven’t had a winning season since Barry Bonds had a mustache." -via with-malice.com

Trading Deadline Extravganza Overflow Thread


A little less sixteen candles, a little more 'touch me.' It's overflow thread time, mainly because I spent about half-an-hour learning how to use the bizarre and useless 'sarcasm font.' In the...

Oh Yea, Starting Pitching


Handsome reader Steve sent me an e-mail yesterday asking why I didn't cover starting pitching in my Mets' needs post. In short, I didn't really think that the Mets' rotation was a big problem....

Look at #4, I guess Dayn just makes trades up now?


I do not know why I continue to be amazed by the hacktastic Dayn Perry. If it is not a list this guy won't write it. It really is amazing this guy has not won a pulitzer yet. PS someone tell him to eat. Um yeah Bay was dealt to the Pirates for Brian Giles................He just keeps making glaring errors in his columns. Fact check once and awhile big guy. It is not like this was breaking news. 4. July 31, 2002 — The Mets trade Bobby Jones, Jason Bay and Josh Reynolds to the Pirates for Steve Reed and Jason Middlebrook. Obviously, Bay is the key to this one. In order to bolster the bullpen, the Mets parted with a young outfielder who's now a career .282 AVG/.376 OBP/.518 SLG hitter (and, coincidentally, one of the prizes of the current deadline). They got good relief out of the deal, but it wasn't worth giving up a player like Bay.

Need-Based Analysis As Trade Deadline Looms


The trade deadline is fast approaching and the list of available players is growing shorter. At the same time, the Mets continue to pitch and hit effectively and areas of greatest need are not as...

O's likely to make trades by deadline


According to MLB.com, Andy MacPhail has said he will consider moving virtually any veteran that another team asks about. And even if he can't reach a deal by this deadline, he knows that he may be able to slide some of his players through waivers."

Yankees acquire Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte from Pirates-Update


The trade has changed. It seems like even more of a steal now.

Stark: Dodgers dealing for Blake


The Indians and Dodgers are closing in on a trade that would send third baseman/outfielder Casey Blake and cash to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers. The two teams were in the process of tying up loose ends to the deal early Saturday. Indications are that they will complete the trade before the end of the day. The Indians are believed to be receiving minor-league catcher Carlos Santana and right-handed pitcher Jon Meloan. Santana is currently hitting .323, with 14 homers, for Inland Empire, in the Class A California League. The hard-throwing Meloan is 5-10, with a 4.97 ERA, at Triple-A Las Vegas, but has piled up 335 strikeouts in only 262 innings in his minor-league career.


Rauch to the Diamondbacks and Wolf to the Astros

I am glad Rauch is not a Red Sox. They need bullpen help. The Astros are just stupid. I have no idea why they traded for Wolf.

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