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Late Night Royals Links: Post-Draft Edition


I endorse these links for your educational and time-wasting pleasure: A man was spotted decked out in a Berroa/Royals jersey: The World Is A Strange And Wonderful Place - Lookout Landing Left of...

Friday Kansas City Royals Links: Myths of Dayton Moore Edition


A collection of endorsed reads, with an understandable draft emphasis.     Draft Reactions Around the Blogosphere - Beyond the Box Score Just how good was Meche? | Upon Further Review The Five...


Scary Goldstein Quote on Braves Choice of Mike Minor

From the BP Draft Roundtable:   Kevin Goldstein (3:48:21 PM PT): The Braves take Minor. It's indefensible. You don't want to take a high school kid, that's cool. You think he's better than Alex...

2009 MLB Draft Day 3 Open Thread


Not sure if anyone is still paying attention at this point...

2009 Royals Draft Review


Royals Review breaks down the Kansas City Royals top 2009 draft picks.


2009 Draft Day 2 Overflow Thread

Eric Diaz, pick #482 out of New Mexico JC is hereafter known as The New Mexicutioner. Understood? Or, maybe Matthew White, RHP, New Mexico. There can be only one New Mexicutioner. Interesting quote...


Conspiracy Theory Rock! Part II: Hillman's Moustache Remains as KC Falls into AL Cellar--Washington, FCC,Seattle Rejoice!

In Part 2 of my ongoing quest to:  1) distract myself from the grim reality that the Royals' season is beyond repair, and 2)blame others for KC's freefall rather than face the facts that the Royals...


An insomniac's guide to players the Royals should consider in Day 2

So here it is, 3:30 AM on the morning of Day 2 of the Draft. I was busy all day and didn't get to see much coverage of the draft at all until just now, right before bedtime. I've been very pleased...

Royals Draft-Day 1 Recap


Royals Review looks at the Royals first day draft picks, Aaron Crow and Will Myers.

2009 Draft Open Thread : Royals Select Aaron Crow with First Pick


The pick is:   Aaron Crow!

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